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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Shed blog: "Socks for Hurricane Sandy"

Hello Everyone, the time for giving is upon us and I think a need is already here. Let us put our giving where the need is greatest.
I just came across this blog and wanted to help also. This woman Laura of The Shed  lives right next to where people were hardest hit in New Jersey and is able to give things personally to those directly in need. This helps us a great deal since after so many send so much we never know where it winds up and hearing about shortage is very disheartening to those who have given. But Laura is able to deliver these things to the emergency centers right there where the people are and I want to send a box. I encourage anyone who wants to do this also to send something there. I just hope she doesn't get overwhelmed with boxes! But better this kind of overwhelm than that which is desperate and and in need. If they then receive too much they can distribute further and further out. I hope this logic prevails.
I'm copying her post below.

Socks for Sandy: Helping Sandy's Victims

Socks for Sandy: Please send winter hats, gloves and socks for Sandy's victims in southern New Jersey #socksforsandy

Our neighborhood survived Hurricane Sandy. But that's not what this post is about.

Instead, I'd like to focus on those people who survived with only the clothes on their backs. Literally.

Just down the road from our little neighborhood, the need is great. (You can click here to read more about the Little Egg Harbor area of New Jersey.) Many homes are gone, flooded, wiped out, total losses.

Mystic Island and Tuckerton Beach have been wiped out. Read more here.
These are just two of the many coastal communities devastated by Sandy.

One of my sis-in-laws went to volunteer at the local Hurricane Shelter set up at the middle school. She spread the word about what items people needed, including socks. My other sis-in-law and I, along with her kids, went over there that same night with clothes and socks to donate.

In Tuckerton Beach, where this photo was taken, officials said seven homes were thrown
from their foundations or pilings and simply disappeared. (Photo from Asbury Park Press)

I couldn't get the socks thing out of my head. People needed socks. People were walking around barefoot. But it was more than that, this sort-of obsession about socks. Putting socks on cold feet signifies warmth and comfort - a small bit of goodness during what will be a long and difficult road. It bothered me all night.

Yes, we live at the shore. Going barefoot goes hand-in-hand with living at the beach. But after this storm? It is much chillier around here. And the forecast is for another possible storm to arrive in about four days. People need socks for warmth. Now.

The next morning, I was doing some laundry for the second round of clothes I was going to donate - you know the pile in your closet that doesn't fit anymore, but you keep them for "when" you go on a diet and fit into them again? Yeah, that's what I donated. I'll lose the weight later.

This is a picture of my next door neighbor's father's home - or rather what's
left of it - in West Creek, New Jersey, which is only 10 minutes north from here on Route 9.

Anyway -- As I was doing laundry, I kept thinking about my fellow DIY and craft blogger friends on Hometalk and how supportive they are as a group. So many wanted to know how we were, how the people around us were. I swear these gals have the biggest hearts! I posed a simple question to them, and they said yes.

So here we are. Our mission is a simple one. And has a fast turn-around time too.

We're focusing on providing warm socks, gloves and winter hats to those who need it most right now.
You can help us gather up some warmth to share by collecting socks, gloves and winter hats - for men, women and children of all ages - and sending them to:
Socks for Sandy
P.O. Box 520
Little Egg Harbor, NJ  08087
Please mail by Friday, November 9, since the need is urgent. 
I will receive all packages and immediately take these to the local hurricane shelter for distribution. Any excess will be given to the other hurricane shelters up and down New Jersey's coastline. 
This can be a great project to involve your kids in, because it all comes down to giving a bit of warmth to someone in need.
What started as an idea has blossomed into warmth. And it is simple to get involved.
Another option:
Donating directly to the Red Cross is still the fastest way to get your money into the hands of those who need it the most.

I want to thank my blogger friends from all over the country who are making Socks for Sandy a reality.

And I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your help.


*UPDATE: My box sent this day ... I took these pics before they realized I was taking them and had to stop.


  1. Good morning mi lady! I am running out the door today, so much to do. But these photos are a rough reminder of the realities for so many dear ones and thank you for this information. I must look into it for I have been wanting to know how I can help. Have a lovely day, Anita

    1. Thank you Anita. I just saw another post today about the situation in Long Island where I also have a friend, and they say it is bad, and the media is not covering it.
      I hope more people are able to do something.
      blessings to you sweet heart.

  2. Like dear Anita, I am so thankful to you for posting this, my friend.
    I forwarded the info. to another blogger friend as well.
    What a treat it was to see your message this morning, thank you!
    I hope you are doing well...
    Blessings and light,
    - Irina

    1. Your sweet heart is thankful to see this, a generous and sweet heart...I will update it with the pics of the box I sent, I almost forgot that's why I got online now! lol
      blessings, I am doing well thank you!


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