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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Gardening Beauty

Its been days, but I finally woke up to an inspiration. I want to make something pretty with ruffles, my new love, and in pink. I know what I'm going to do. I get out of bed....but something is different.....
I had to sleep in my guest room because some kind of animal possum, raccoon or something died up in the tiny attic space, and we can neither get to it nor do we want to and the ahem...''fragrance'' is making me ill. I don't know what to do, but I pray that the organic process of death happens sooner rather than later, because I am hyper sensitive to smells and the affects on my feelings, moods and state of mind. For a week its been getting worse and today I felt myself affected terribly from a scent I cannot get away from.

But this decay process of death while unpleasant is one of perfection, I know. Mother Nature has it all arranged for all to be happy (except those of us who have to live with the scents!) in the death of any animal. Normally an animal will die in its own environment, and the vultures will come for it, then the smaller animals like mice, then the smaller ones like flies, then ants, then microbes, and soon, days, it is all cleaned up. And even though this one is in my attic, I still know alot of animals know the ins and outs of it and will find it, the flies are already there, and soon the ants will come, nothing deters them! and then the microbes.
I just really wish they didn't go up there for this very reason of the ones who die there. One time I had roommate seal all the openings we could find with metal meshing as some places were torn, and we closed them. I prayed no animal was up there who could not escape and die, and I watched carefully for all sounds from there. Sure enough, there was a possum there trying to get out from its usual spot and when I saw it, I opened the mesh which we deliberately left in a way in case we did have to reopen it to let an animal escape, we watched it come out and run off, then we sealed it back up. I really thought we found all the openings around the house, but no. I cannot find where these animals are coming in and out. The residents up there are loud too. They shuffle on what seems to me like 2 feet, dragging something around, and even often sounds like they're moving furniture around! I've even heard them sneeze. I just don't know how they're getting in or out and roommate is not interested. Now there is a dead and decaying one up there, and I don't know what to do.

Well, in spite of the some discomforts in addition to this scent, I have moments in between inhalations and pains, when I am grateful for sooooo much.

I tried to take pictures of some of these things but I'm not that good at that, and it doesn't capture the entire feeling or essence of the space here. Many, no correction.....all when they enter, say they feel a sense of peace, and serenity and beauty.....and some other je ne sais quoi they admit to, and it doesn't matter what kind of person it is, they all feel it, it is tangible.
Those who are aware of higher frequencies and magic created by Heart Light, know what I'm doing.
This is why even roommate (NOT soulmate please :-) is getting better in his terrible attitude of the past 9 years, and has even said, as of last week, when after I made the juice and we drank to our health, I made a tapenade and platter and went outside and presented it to him. :D He asked me if I wanted any...LOL......that was a joke of course, albeit not that funny :D   I left it outside and he came in shortly as I was sewing and said ''that was good! I felt like a King".....
NOW THAT WAS WHEN I LITERALLY JUMPED FOR JOY because all my efforts are paying off in working so hard on this property, the energies, the gardens, my personal state of mind and health, his post cancer recovery and to help another who has been depressed for so is like we both individually had given up on the joys of life and last Christmas I refused to go down that road another minute, so I changed everything with my will and my own two hands.  I told him of my plans for his house, and he said ''fine'' but my own life is completely different from his.
All I do is to generally show myself and the world that beauty does exist, and people can be happy, and that anyone with enough determination can bring their entire lives into a luxurious one of plushness, beauty, comfort and health, even with small (read: little to none!) amounts of money. It is the work of a Fairy GodMother....that's another post. :D
I happen to have been gifted in many ways and work on all areas of a Beautiful Life from health as an Esoteric Nutritionist, healer, woo hoo doctor, medicine maker, artist, gardener, florist, jewelry maker, decorator, designer, inventor, chef, and many other things....and I've had to use them all every single day to effect a change in this house.

It is working.

Soooooo, as I find relief in an exhale, I did see the beauty that always strikes at me like fairy gold dust and I suddenly woke up from a sneaky languorous slumber, faltering in a hypnotic gloomy reverie, the Beauty gives me The Sight. I can see the beauty that exists in spite of, or despite, the other elements of distraction.

I am grateful for these things of beauty and it is precisely why I have worked diligently for the purpose of this Beauty to gift me with this gold dust when I in fact do fall into this slumber for any reason. It is the nourishment of Beauty to give when we need it. And I am grateful to Beauty and that I serve it, give it life, a home, fertile grounds.....and nurture it because it gives so much in return.

My life is to Garden Beauty.........and it is nourishing to me in the most miraculous of ways.

Roses: hand painted and scented by a most magical and whimsical Goddess of Nature. Agate slices and seashell chimes which tinkle just like TinkerBell. Pure enchantment!

My little Shaman Wizard who watches out for all the life on this Property and even beyond! She is so wise!
Her ''staff'' is a jeweled copper bubble blower LOL

Finally after all these years of buying orchids, I'm having one re bloom for me.....for the first time....a gorgeous deep purple, and I love to wear these in my hair!

Since I have laid extra straw on top of the soil which does NOT like to be exposed at all, the tomatoes have grown even more. I see lots of little flowers that will hopefully turn into tomatoes. There are 2 eggplants growing here too, and I've already had 2 tomatoes from the tomatoe plant....more are coming! Bok Choy is in there too.....I had two which I bought in the store, had cut and used and I decided to plant the bases and they grew back! The scallions from the store grow back when I plant them in the ground too. LOVE THIS.
My cucumbers are now growing their tendrils which I adore and are stronger than me. LOL
Angels guard the Toy Box Garden.

Tilandsia's in bloom.....they are in ''bloom'' when they turn red. They are also adorned with pearls.

This is my most beloved weed. I love this plant, it is pretty, and when the berries turn blue the mockingbirds, my favorite bird, fly down in aerobatic moves and eat them! They love they stay.

Cabbages doing nicely. I think I plant these mostly because they look like enormous green roses!

My herb garden, as are all the other beds, are loving the straw as mulch cover, and insulation. All are happy!

I will never get enough of these unbelievable beauties from the sea......and the pink inside them possess my heart. I'm collecting them.

This morning I had to cut and prune my specimen of the White Plumbago. Bringing the blooms inside is always a surprising pleasure, that the white can be soooooo rewarding to my spirit!

And my favorite picture for this day.......

Sublime White.....

Crystals, Lace and Flowers......

In Gratitude for soooooo much.

blessings to your day and to your life and everyone in it.

I'm sharing this post with the beautiful blog of  The Rosegarden in Malevik 


  1. Oh dear lady....first of all let me tell you.....I HAD NO IDEA you did so very much at your are so very creative and talented.
    Secondly, I did not realize you and your soul mate were dealing with health issues....koodos to you both for being so positive and uplifting.

    Have a wonderful week

    1. How sweet of you. But the roommate is not my soulmate, dear god no, just roommate. I do however care for this house and property because he does not. My health issues are that my back went out on Saturday and I can barely move, it will fix itself as many times before. But I have gifts that were meant to be given away, and so I do so, no matter who is living with me. :D Creativity is born of necessity also and because of my need for great beauty I must tap into Source.

  2. Beauty can make us healthy I think-so keep enjoying it! I hope you are better soon. Those roses are gorgeous--they look handpainted. Everything looks lovely! TFS!

  3. What an enchanting place I have found here and chosen to follow! I am hoping you will Peek into my Land of Blog and MAYBE choose to follow me too!
    Have a fun filled weeks end,

  4. what a wonderful attitude you have!!!
    your roomate is lucky to have you.
    everything looks so incredibly fresh and gorgeous!
    have a magical weekend:)

  5. Good Morning Lady!! Beautiful pictures of the flowers...and I love that shell wind chime in one of the pics... gorgeous...

    I was wondering if a bowl of orange peel or even incense in your bedroom would help dissipate that awful smell...if it is a larger animal it may take a while for that smell to leave...

    and I agree with the lady above your roommate is very lucky to have you watching over him... especially with your healing ministrations....

    I went in and changed that email reply you talked about so i think it will give you my email now...let me know if I did it right ok...

    Have a wonderful weekend!!! :)

    1. Linda I posted my reply on your blog of the solar lights post, so I will keep this one short. No the "scent" is huge...and not even my incense is helping, but thankfully today it is far less! By last night when I went into my room I smelled only my own natural scent and lavender and I was deeply relieved to have "my" room back and I sank into a delicious sleep. Thank you!


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