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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beware and warning for this site: ww4 (dot) savegco.antivir(dot)com

Hello blogland
“Writing a computer virus gave me a since of power. It was like casting a spell across the world and everyone that came close to it was affected by my power."
~ quote from a virus maker....aka psychopath
Just wanted to send out a warning to all. I noticed in my ''stats'' page an ''antivir''.... referring site, and though highly suspicious, when I clicked on it to see what it could possibly be my virus protection went was a malicious site.I have a good virus protection so nothing happened. I still investigated further.

I am writing hoping to spread this to all in blogland to NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK IN YOUR STATS PAGE , is designed to give you malicious virus, to interfere with your life and make you aggravated.

Please is link I have been on personally about this, another blogsite that told me what it was because I did google this without going to the site again. I put into the search engine ''savegco antivir . com'' and it comes up with all the people who speak about this malicious site.

Again, DO NOT CLICK ON ww4 dot savegco . antivir in your ''stats'' page to see what it is a creation of male sickness and will make your life miserable.
I copied and pasted the following from here WITHOUT the links that followed each statement for safety and because the statements themselves is all we need to know. 

~''Nobody is actually viewing your blog from these sites - and nobody knows about these links but you, since only you can see your Stats logs.  There are no links to your blog, from these websites.

~"Owners of newer blogs, with less established traffic, will see their pageview counts fluctuate more.  Google does identify specific URLs - but they can't do this immediately - and when they do, they back out pageviews from all time ranges.

~"Referer spam affects Stats, and similar website activity log summaries - but third party activity logs will be immune to its effects.

~"Be aware how Stats is unique - which leads to this problem.  Be aware what referer spam is, and why it can't be blocked with just some extra code.

~"Stop clicking on the links in your Stats logs.  That's the only way to make referer spam stop."

I wonder .....This creation of computer virus's, another symptom of patriarchy, is definitely a male activity and one they find "thrilling" and endlessly engaging for some sick reason.....I try to imagine them sitting in their cubicles or basements or rooms, inventing these things and speaking to each other (or themselves!) with malicious grins and laughing when they create yet another of the many thousands of viruses infecting people's computers every single day........WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE GUYS ???
This is not healthy mental behavior.
From a brief search into this query: a few responses from the guys themselves:
Some of these quotes from here "Interview with a Virus Maker"

"Bragging rights"
"self esteem"
 “Writing a computer virus gave me a since of power. It was like casting a spell across the world and everyone that came close to it was affected by my power."
''viruses say "Look at me. I can make you react to my powers''.
"Today's viruses are either out to annoy or retrieve data.''
''virus is a hate crime against stupid people''

I will stop the quotes there because it is revealing how sick they are. The fact that they consider people ''stupid'' who have not opened their emails with an artillery of suspicion, preparedness, weapons of protection or destruction, etc ad nauseum....and that whole male war/power mentality.....shows they are projecting their sickness unto the world around them, and that their so called ''power'' that they want people reacting to is the kind that is nefarious. Anyone who wants people responding to them in these ways is a psychopath.
Calling people stupid who do not ''KNOW BETTER'' than to open emails without the ''need'' for daily suspicion, against the obvious and ubiquitous predator who will never go away and considers you stupid because you don't consider his ''prowess'' and ''power'' and his ''danger''! and they are only believing you stupid to ignore their presence, because their presence exists....if they should go away, so does the problem....but they don't see this.....they project their sickness unto others.

In other words, YOU are ''stupid'' therefore validating their hate, because you do not prepare yourself or computer against their sickness and ''power''.  
So You are the problem, and that is why they do what they do. If you were armed to the teeth and protected and padded and supplied with every virus protection and firewall there is, then you MAY or may not, be exempt from their hatred and less targeted. They seek other suckers for which there are plenty who ''deserve'' their attacks, because they are not prepared at all, and thusly deserve a virus attack.
Make sense??

Virus's are also created by their ''virus protectors'' to keep them in business, yes, they do this, and this comes from computer technicians who admit this.

I find this whole thing psychopathic.

One last quote:
''Do you know what is even more frightening? There are people out there creating real biological viruses, some intended with the sole purpose of killing humans. How would you like to be in charge of removing those viruses?”

Good luck and blessings


  1. I just don't understand why people would want to wreck such havoc...I think it is definitely an ego trip for them. It's so sad. Maybe they should get into gardening :) I think it has the power to heal whatever it is that ails us!
    I loved reading your previous post and your love for the living green all around us. I am grateful every day to be able to live where I live and do what I do. To have flowers around us daily is a blessing indeed.
    You have such a beautiful blog and I love the beauty you create.

    1. Yes, June, I too believe that gardening is cure for any ailment, whether mental, physical or emotional....Gardening is an expression of love for the Earth Mother.... yet it is a two way healing that takes place when we engage it, for it is the Love that comes from the Earth itself that in turn heals, always She is there for our nourishment in all ways, for the soul there is beauty, for the body there are herbs, waters and foods, for our emotions there are flowers and animals, and so much more.

  2. thanks for the info......they did visit me......luckily I have an extremely good virus detection program.



  3. thank you for this information. I went to your referring sites because I have about 50 vouchcheker hits a day on my stats and never knew what it was. why would people do this? it is crazy. they need our prayers!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    my kids bought me a MAC for Christmas...they told me these laptops are immune to computer viruses.


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