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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Storing Greens and Juicing for Healing

Hello everyone.

Please forgive the lack of poetics and lyrics in this post, but I seem to be exhausted, but I want to get this out.

I've been trying, for years, far too long, to store greens in the refrigerator. Turns out, greens should not be stored, but consumed fresh. I know this, but when you can't pick them and eat them, we must do what this century has arranged for them and store them. I finally dedicated some time to experimenting and finding out what works better than what I'd been doing, which was basically just putting the ORGANIC greens in the fridge straight from the grocery bag. Now that I'm juicing seriously and often, I need a better system, because I'm buying much more greens, and they need to stay plump and crisp for the juicer to extract juice.
I googled and found some suggestions and I tried this one. It is working so far, but there are no greens that can do well stored for more than 4-5 days. Nothing is fresh after that. Herbs can stay a bit longer when they are cut at their stems and put into water with a plastic bag over the green part, not pretty but the lasting power is what I'm after. This is working, but only as long as I keep each herb in their own glass. They don't like to share 'their' space for some reason. I get it, fine with me.
The basil is one that I can keep outside. In fact, the basil I can keep in a jar outside just like fresh cut greens, and I like pinching off the leaves as I need them. I try to find basil with roots still attached, as these do best in water, and when I'm done with it, I plant it out in the Herb Garden. I've grown more basil this way, very cool.

So this is what I've been doing. Please excuse the old towels, they're clean, just old.
I rinsed all the greens and laid them on a large towel to take out as much water as possible.
I didn't know until this day that the two bins in the bottom of the refrigerator were two different settings, one for high humidity and one for low. How interesting. I decided the high humidity was best for the greens, and the low for the potatoes. I'm rearranging how I store potatoes too, and onions as well. Some space needs to be created in the tiny kitchen before I can leave them out for storing.
Back to the greens.....after cutting them, rinsing them and leaving them on the towel, I put all of them into the bin, loose, on top of a towel I laid down on the bottom. I spritzed them with colloidal silver (great stuff), and then laid paper towel on top to absorb the large moisture drops, but then another towel on top of that to keep the moisture in....get it? Paper towels to absorb the drops on the leaves themselves so they don't sit with the water, but the towel to keep the moisture in the bin. This is the old towel on the bottom.

These are the mixed greens, all rinsed and cut up ready for juicing, on the towel to soak up water drops.

then I added them to the bin, spritzed with colloidal silver which I keep in a spray bottle on my counter, now they are ready to be grabbed for juicing, or sauteing, whatever I'm going to do.

Then paper towel over that, then a towel on top to keep the bin in high humidity.

So far, for weeks now, this system is keeping my greens crisp, and moist for juicing.
I should tell you about juicing....I've been juicing on and off for over 30 years. I decided to do so again, well for many reasons. Also my roommate had cancer and I fully believe in the Medicine of Nature to cure all ills. So I began juicing ''for myself'' but gave him the ''extra'' juice. He began to like it and I'll tell you why.
I have juiced so much over the years that the flavor of the chlorophyll from the greens, would get to me sometimes, and I just didn't want to drink it. Its extremely powerful stuff. I had to find a way, there is always a way. I believe in SOLUTIONS in Life, always. I found it. I used what I had one day and it was the magic remedy. Of all the citrus fruits, lemon is the only one you can juice with skin and all. Do NOT try this with the other citrus fruits they are far too bitter and you may croak. Only lemon can be juiced entirely skin and all, and be divine. I use it all the time because it is so delish! and it is also excellent for alkalizing too.

So here is the recipe for 2 glasses or 2 people, ALL ORGANIC PLEASE: 2 apples, 2 lemons, 2 beets, huge handfuls of ORGANIC dark greens, one cucumber. I juice the lemons first so I can catch the rind and put them into the container to be drunk. I don't waste this part as it is the part which adds so much flavor, much more so than the juice, it is the peel and rind. After juicing the lemon, catching the rind and adding it back into the drinking part, I juice the apples, the beets, the greens, then the cucumbers last as they clean out the filter. Mix and drink, this will taste mostly like lemon even if it is really red in color from the beets. I love this, it is delish, and even ''mickey likes it''....that would be the roommate. He says, that he's noticed an increase in energy, but mostly his attitude has improved, he doesn't feel so depressed. This last statement is the statement of the century, for someone to be able to say that is HUGE...especially for roommate John.....this IS huge for him to have improvement in attitude. Yes juicing can do that for you.......if it did it for him, it will for anyone.

I hope this works for you too. Happy Juicing!

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    A really yummy juice I like is a combination of

  2. Well this certainly was an interesting post. We eat all organic but do not make juice, but will now. We eat lots of greens, fruit and brown rice, fish and chicken. I cannot eat lemons cause I have too much acid in my system, but will try juice without it. Thank you so much for all this information, love it. Hugs...Lu

    1. Lu, it is great you found benefit in this and that you will juice more. As for the lemons, it is a paradox that it is 'acidic' because it is alkalizing in the body. In other words once the body ingests it, it works on alkalizing the body so it is actually great for someone who is acidic. Let me know how it goes with you. blessings, Lady

    2. Lu, it is great you found benefit in this and that you will juice more. As for the lemons, it is a paradox that it is 'acidic' because it is alkalizing in the body. In other words once the body ingests it, it works on alkalizing the body so it is actually great for someone who is acidic. Let me know how it goes with you. blessings, Lady

  3. Wonderful, I love to eat fresh greens from the garden and have used plastic bags with wet paper towels - I will give this a try - juicing is a wonderful thing! Thank you for sharing your lovely blog with Home and Garden Thursday,

  4. Greetings,

    I JUST, as in yesterday, got a high powered blender. I want to do green smoothies. Yesterday I tried my first recipe, I even halved everything, and still ended up with an enomous about of smoothie. I don't want to waste what I'm making. Can the smoothie be kept for a day in a air tight container? If so where can I find air tight containers? Also, how do I modify the recipes I see to get a single serving, is there a general rule to follow.

    The grassy taste I'm really gonna have to get used to, but I'm not giving up.

    Thank you so much for the green washing and storing information. I will be hitting the store today to get a container and couple of dish towels to see if this method will work for me.

    1. I have to reply here odds&amp because your email is set to ''no reply''. but yes you can save it for a day but I wouldn't save it longer, I tried, it loses something. I don't know what you started out with and halving so I cannot recommend any amounts for a single serving or even what you use to make the smoothie because different things have different amounts of juice. Air tight containers can be empty glass jars that were cleaned and reused which is what I reused spaghetti jars or anything with a wide mouth like mason jars available everywhere. You dont need to deal with a grassy taste if you use lemon or a smoothie that has fruit ala the Boutenko family recipes. good luck!


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