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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Inspired by Deborah Silver

Hello People,

I follow gardeners, landscape designers and others to admire how they work, have so much to work with and continually find ways to be original, creative and self motivated. I am in awe of some, but this past 2 years Ms. Deborah Silver has blown me away with her absolute genius in landscape design which she does masterfully, also being an accomplished fine artist. I adore her containers and planters and her own designed is endless her talents. I have fallen in love with everything she does. You can see her work on her blog here called Dirt Simple.

I wish wish wish I could do some of what she does on this property but alas, for several reasons, I cannot. However I had to have just a hint, a little tiny bit of some of her inspired container plantings in my little space here and I did two planters today. I totally cheated though, because she uses alot of cut greens for a base, lights, branches and plants and other things. I wanted a Christmas looking planter and I cheated by simply buying two boxwood wreaths, putting them over the planter, then planting inside a pink and white poinsettia. I did add some white branches but it took away from the classy look, it just didn't work out the way Ms. Silver's containers do.
But I took a picture anyway and for where I live and what I have, its ok.
It makes me smile when I see them cause I know I am totally trying to imitate Ms. Silver's genius and one day, with enough resources and finances and stately home I will.
But for now, for today....this is what I've got. I will have to get some lights in these too somehow.

*smiling*, thank you Ms. Silver!


  1. I know just what you mean about Ms. Deborah Silver. I am fortunate to live 20 minutes to her shop and go as often as I can. She is such an inspiration. Great job on your pots

  2. The pots are lovely and the door is so enchanting,I'm doing mini topieris on my front porch that I snagged at a second hand store.


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