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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Self and Planet Care Beautification Series

Hello Lovelies,

My blog is a totally personal and unique journey of my self. It is a mix of whatever I choose to post, whether it is to share, to rant, to journal, to muse...... whatever. And so while my life is about Beauty being the result of everything I do, it is not the means to an end. I do many things, all of which I believe produces beauty of some kind, beauty of sentiment, beauty of expression, beauty of spirit, beauty of home or beauty of mind. Whether I am planting plants or seeds for a garden, making natural serums for my skin, detoxing, bathing, cooking, or mindfully washing dishes with lovely scented soaps......all I do leads to it in some way.  That is what my life and my blog is about.

The Beautification of Self, Spirit, Body, Home AND Gardens.....home and gardens are reflections and extensions of our inner landscapes. The inner affects the outer and the outer affects the inner. A beauty-filled symbiosis of Woman and Nature. 

Painting by Andrei Belichenko "Woman, Garden, Dreams"

The Series of Beautification.

I am back on a journey I have begun many times but for which there is no end. There is much I want to say about this topic of Self Care and Beautification.....but will do so only when the words come to me naturally and I don't have to squirm for them. I don't want to put this off anymore, its been a year in developing and I want to get started. I will say important things throughout this series as they come to my mind.
This is a blog, a time for tea or coffee, wine or juice, learning and unlearning, but it is mostly the time for no-time.

Self Care to Planet Care.

And so in this series what I will consistently stress is the aspect of organic Self Care which leads to Planet Care but only when done with all organic means. Nature truly has provided all. And in the natural process you have not hurt the planet, but returned only what was given. She will compost what you dispose of.
No chemicals are used in this Way of Life. It is the honoring of God/Earth/Human to be All Natural. Chemicals are destructive in every way.
I implore each of you to abandon them, so the madmen stop producing them. They create them, and you use them. Why? When there is no need for them in our lives. They are only poisons, unnecessary and asinine. No chemicals will give you Beauty, nor are their wastes harmless. Natural organic products are the way to beauty and to health for all humans and Earth without a doubt. No chemicals will take you to health or beauty, but will age you faster and harm the planet as we all know by now. Millions of chemicals are causing cancers and pain and death. Let us love ourselves and Earth simultaneously for the rewards of natural products in our lives are multifaceted in return.
AT the very least by eliminating chemicals you are causing no harm. You will gain not only natural beauty and health but a good healthy green consciousness knowing you have stopped contributing to the death of our home, and only assist its own Beauty.

We can and should, make a positive difference in our world.

Please.....this is to begin the beautification of yourself with the regeneration of earth.

I need to make a distinction about this Self Care, it is not the glamour of makeup, though there is some, nor focus of appearance. What I am speaking to here is the Caring of Self which by nurturing ones self and home with natural products of integrity and care for the planet, results in beauty that far surpasses the appearance, it is reflected in the spirit and in the psyche. I am referring to the process of Beautification through Caring and Nurturing. In other words Beauty is the result of us caring properly and lovingly for our selves, it is not the goal. Yet it is sublime when we achieve Beauty through the Care of Self and planet.

The reflection of an organically beautiful woman shows not only in her face and countenance but as a Dignity of Spirit, knowing she is aligned with the natural world.

What I will be Doing.

I will be posting various posts on virtually every item we as women tend to use both in our homes and on our bodies with recipes and pictures, but education and inspiration is what I hope to achieve. Items such as makeup from foundation to mascara, house cleaners for all areas of home, and how to scent the home naturally. I do own one bottle of chemical, a bleach which stays outside and lasts me more than a year. That is all I use in chemicals, and because I am chemical free with no build up inside my body or home I am cleaner than most, and detoxed already, and everyone tells me I smell good :D, no one cringes from me. I do not wear chemical perfumes which after all these years of being chemical free, despite their attempts to ''smell good'' cause me to feel suffocated and needing air as they all stink to my nose because all I smell is the chemicals that they are. But natural organic essential oils combined with an individuals skin produces the most sublime unique scents the organic world can produce, often intoxicating. For example, when one wears vetiver and rose, it smells entirely different than the next person. The oils blend with a persons chemistry and produces the most wonderful unique alchemical scents ever. We will talk about this. One thing of note is that in Japan, body scents or perfumes are hardly worn as they are considered rude, an imposition of anothers air and space that they breathe for scent is entirely personal and not all scents smell good to all. Instead the focus is on cleanliness and internal hygiene through natural foods. I agree entirely. Probiotics are indispensable for this.

I myself have been living organically for over 30 years when I had a health issue at a young age, the doctors wanted to remove body parts but I changed my diet, removed all chemicals and exercised and now all I have is chemical sensitivity which I respect greatly.  To this day I revel in natural products and savor the benefits they give me while harming nothing and no one and smelling wonderful.

It is important that we realize fully and consciously that what we do, how we live and the products we use for good or ill we pass on to our children who learn from us and repeat and copy us also for good or ill. They directly inherit this Earth from us and it is us who determines that quality of Earth life and their personal health life by what we give them and feed them. It is important to also realize that just because you don't realize that lack of health in your life can be inherited weakness directly due to chemical use from your parents, that often diagnosis is not possible if one is not aware of them and then we pass these weaknesses on to children who also are not aware of why they are sick and each generation becomes weaker and weaker until we have a society filled with diseased people. This is precisely what is happening now.
We can and do change this with a natural life.

I will only ask you do to do what I have been doing for a decades, and hope you realize the importance and impact each and every one of you makes when the ''whole'' is tallied up for change for this planet. It is YOU, who makes the difference, you who reads this, who passes it on, who makes the change, one person at a time, to become an entire population of Natural Woman Green Human, a movement I have just monikered and hope takes off.

Mostly, it is a fun journey filled with beautiful gorgeous scents. It is all a win win win for all.

My next post will begin a product, one at a time. I encourage any questions and contributions of your own with experience and recipes if you have your own, or sharing others who are doing this.

I will share here one site of a woman Minimalist who is doing this brilliantly, I applaud her standing up! If you visit her you will find alot of information of what she does and her Minimalist Lifestyle. She is both inspirational and Inspired!! I must work on my wardrobe as well, but at least it is 99% cotton, linen, hemp and silk.

I hope you will share this with at least one person who may be even more inspired but hopefully you share with as many people as you can so that we can get more and more people away from sickness and chemicals, and into health and beauty and green living which is so good for the soul.
The Earth needs your help too. She cannot handle any more toxins, and it is each of us who makes this difference.
Please. let us do this, all of us.

Natural Woman Green Human.

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  1. My goodness! I am so excited to see your post today and looking so forward to join you on this journey of natural beauty❣

    1. Mary Anne, it is always such a delight to see your delight lolol....I hope you do get some good out of this series. I will be very happy to finally get this done and "get the good word out" and do what I can for both women's health which affects all her family's health as well as the health of this planet we also need to care and nurture.

  2. The series sounds wonderful! I know you how serenely you live my dear and it truly lovely. Beauty is everywhere, and some need help finding it in the everyday, which is something you have mastered beautifully Lady! I think that my last son was truly a gift given to me to show me this in my own life. For almost thirty years I have been able to find the beauty in the 'ordinary day' because of him. I believe that slowing down and really looking is the way to find it.

  3. I also use very few chemicals. I am allergic to many, many things. I have the ingredients to make my own mascara and need to try it soon. Great goals and vision. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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