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Monday, February 22, 2016

Beautification "Green" Series ~ Lymphatic Draining *Updates

Hello Lovelies,        *Updates: I will be posting in comments my progress with this as I go along.

In this series of Beautification the Green Way I'm going to begin with the most important discovery for me, which is  lymphatic drainage for face and body.....wait, before getting bored, you must hear what is going on with this.....

Here in the states it is not known just how important the Lymph System is to health and beauty as ''they'' do not teach us these things in school, we all seem to learn the hard way. But in Europe and Asia where the knowledge of spirit and health is much more comprehensive and ancient, they know how important it is. I knew it too but just didn't give it enough credit or test it enough until now and I am shocked at the results. The Lymphatic System is THE system we have for eliminating poisons that are trapped in every cell of our bodies which the other Eliminative Organs are too taxed to do.

A bit of background.......

I was a bodybuilder, natural, and always athletic and strong with a nice tanned body. My favorite features of my body were my arms and abs. Things happened in life and I could not work out anymore for the past almost 15 years and my body has shown how it has suffered. Emotional suffering will show up on the skin as many unsightly things, as saggy skin, discolored, cellulite, loose skin, and blotchy etc etc. The more emotional or trauma in your life the more it will be visible in the skin and you will age rapidly.
Smart meters installed will age you even more rapidly and eventually can cause cancers which many do not notice because they refuse to acknowledge the link even when the energy companies will say that enough radiation does cause cancer AND radiation interferes with normal organ functions among many many other deleterious things. When they installed the smart meter here against my will, I noticed a rapid decline in my appearance of skin and health and I have been known for looking 20 years younger all my life and this is genetic as well as my own self care of being organic and healthy.


Loss of Beauty.
But recently I noticed I had aged very very rapidly and it scared me. Alot. I ate the same types of good foods as before maybe less organics as $ determined, but not enough to cause this, no cakes, cookies, sweets, except occasionally, but no box foods, I cook all my own foods so it was not that, food was not causing this huge change in my body, unless all foods were poisonous now.

I also had alot of strange pains and odd ailments that made no sense to my way of living and my knowledge of healing with nutrition and herbs and lifestyle, which always served to heal myself since I'm 18 years old. I knew degeneration and aging at this rate for me aging 15 yrs in five years, was not normal and something was wrong, either I was dying or something in the environment was doing this. I did not put this together until I had to sit down and ask ''what has been different in the past 5 years to cause this rapid aging?!! and I thought and thought and then remembered that is when they installed the smart meter.
John my housemate, also developed cancer right after that too. As many many people are also reporting about cancers developing right after installations.
These meters are totally toxic.
I would love to move but that is not in the cards for me as much as I've tried to so I must do all I can to mitigate this radiation until I can move away. I turn off all the power at the power switch box for all areas which we do not use power. Two huge generators of EMF's are the fridge and stove which I turn off during the day. The stove I do not use unless I am baking which is rare. I also wear some orgonite to mitigate the EMF's and this is very powerful indeed and has helped me a great deal especially when going out shopping in malls etc where the EMF output is off the charts and at sickening levels.

But at home which is where I am most of the time, I must keep myself healthier than most as the sensitivities I have are more than normal.

What happened to my body shocked me .............
as I thought the years of working out would keep me youthful for a longer time considering also my good genes. But as I said something caused rapid aging which showed up dramatically in my skin. I also had my upper arms go saggy and my abs into a soft swollen belly which no amount of dieting etc would change. My normally huge eyes shrunk and had swollenness around them on the lid and beneath. No makeup could make me feel pretty or disguise this and I stopped wearing any. This was not beautiful. My normally oval face became round and the area beneath my ears and neck were always puffy. My thighs when looking down at them developed this horrific wave or ridge thing which I thought was loose skin from losing my muscularity but no it was not that big of a change in size, but I could not figure this out. In general I was suffering from extreme puffyness and swollenness that did not equate to fat. Nothing I did that worked in the past was working now and I was panicked a bit. Usually all I needed to do was eliminate known toxic foods or just eat salads and juices and in 3 days I would see the changes I wanted. Always. It didn't work anymore.
I won't go into more details but you get the picture.

I tried to work out again but many things prohibited my being able to do anything, even yoga. Mind you I love working out so it was not lazyness or procrastination, it was levels of pain and loss of will. I would attempt my jogs but could not even walk without returning more exhausted instead of energized. It would take me a couple of days to recover from the walk! 
Eventually I got turned off to moving my body, as I got disgusted. I needed to find something. But lately nothing I did worked and in more ways than one I was psychologically beaten into frustration and futility. I was no longer in charge of my body. Something else was causing changes I could do nothing about. This was scary, people! And depressing. I eventually gave in to simply wearing clothes that covered me up and didn't show form, stopped going to the beach and I covered up mirrors except the bathroom vanity, but what I could see from my face showed every part of my body in there, from the eyes, to the cheeks, the lips and the neck, all showed what was happening to my body.....and I was horrified.

Thank God I never give up.

There is always something, something that will work. It took me years to find it, but I did.

As I looked at my body with a disinterested observers eyes, quickly and clinically, I noted the areas that showed the weirdness I had never had before, problems which had nothing to do with my lifestyle and foods I ate, which were the elbows, knees, abs, neck swellings. They remained that way, and I could do nothing to get rid of it. It was not fat, as I was not fat. My tiny wise voice tells me I need to drain my lymphatic system. Oh, that again. (boring, been there done that). But my superficial engagement in that area was far too superficial to reveal to me its importance. What I didn't think about in my quick thinking, fast results quest was that I had always had lymphatic problems of draining out toxins from my body more so than my family for some reason which is why I always had bad reactions to all cheap foods and chemicals, and that it remained a problem throughout my life except during the time I was working out because 4 times a week a workout session was typically a half hour stretch, then jog for 3 miles, then work out with heavy weights for another 2 hours, and that was my lifestyle, so the problem I had with lymphatics was abated while I did that. But when I could not work out, the problem became exacerbated and I didn't realize what it was. I feel the smart meter amplified this problem, speeded it up greatly. Hence the puffy eyes, the swollen neck/jaw area, the swollen abdomen, the puffy elbows and knees and the saggy skin, this rapid aging of 15 years in only five! All of this has produced shame.
Until now.

I decided to do lymphatic drainage again but do it properly and consistently until I saw results, because not doing so was my own undoing and I was not about to do more of that. I had to learn more deeply what it involves and how an impaired lymph system shows up in your life, its effects on health and how one feels and thinks etc. I researched this and immediately it was impressed upon me how I had dismissed this most critical function of our bodies too flippantly especially for my own extra sensitive system and body. It turns out ALL the areas of swollen and puffyness are the areas of LYMPH NODES and so this showed me my small voice was telling me truth, I did seriously need lymphatic drainage though I had to act on it. I realize all the ailments of my early youth were from this lymphatic problem, that worked well when I was very physical but did not work when I was not physical. All the suffering of late has been because I ignored what was important and did not want to delve into this aspect of my own body function and I suffered more psychologically from this self neglect than the effects of the lymphatic problem itself, unsightly as it is!


Dry Skin Brushing for Lymphatic Drainage:

I found a woman who made videos about the effects of dry skin brushing for cellulite, an older woman who tested this and found it works, not those young women who are youthful and jump on any beauty bandwagon and claim its rewards without having anything to recover from! please.....!......but dry skin brushing I had tried many times but not regularly enough to see or feel results. I did it sporadically and so it did nothing, of course!
I now decided to do this every day, do it properly and looked up videos which show how to do facial lymphatic drainage and swore I would do them both every day, first thing in the morning no matter what......and after 4 days, I didn't expect to see anything for at least a month, I thought I saw something when dressing after a shower. I avoid looking at myself but I caught my legs because something was missing......the unsightly ridged thighs was less ridged?.....did I see that!?? wait let me check, it can't be, I need more light. Yes, it appears the ridges are less, but I must be seeing things. And after just one self-facial massage I saw my my eyes were less swollen. THAT IS an improvement! One day I lifted my arm in the mirror as I did my hair and noticed the swollen area of my elbows was much less or even gone! I checked more carefully areas that showed egregious signs of lymph problems and that was the elbow and knee areas, and they were much less. I tightened my shirt in the mirror and it too was less swollen.....aha, that is something to note that all these issues really are about being ''swollen'' and not ''fat'', swollen with congestion of toxins ! I see this alot with many people in the streets, this same puffyness and swollenness that is not fat. This distinction must be made and understood.  
It is not a diet that will remove puffyness or swollenness but movement and more specifically LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE.


To Explain the Lymphatic System more:

Basically the Lymphatic System is the purification system of the body which needs movement to work. Because the Lymphatic System is mechanically activated a sedentary body will not have good movement of toxins and poisons, they will build up and show up as every unsightly type of ugly a body can produce AND you will feel like shit all the time. We were apparently created to be moving creatures. Ones lymphatic system is clearly CLEARLY visible in the quality of ones skin and body puff factor. An active body which moves regularly and utilizing strong joint and muscular movements will have a lymph system that works properly moving out toxins efficiently because this system is activated with our movements. And the skin will hug the muscles and bones, be taut and tight, and the body will look leaner and streamlined, and be more energized. And based on how we move and how often, determines how our lymph system is removing poisons and toxins from our bodies OR NOT removing them where they build up and show up as ''ugly'' and as feeling sick and like shit.
A good site is for more info is here. And more info can be found by researching it yourselves.

The videos that inspired me are this lovely woman Melinda Lee.

A good facial lymphatic drainage video instructional is here:

Another facial vid here:

Another great one:

What Dry Skin Brushing Did For Me:

~ Within days, the ridges or waves on my thighs lessened about 50%. I have more to go but I will continue until my skin is smooth again as obviously OBVIOUSLY this lymphatic dry skin brushing is what is needed especially for me as my lymphatics are weak unless I'm very physical. My problem was not weight but lymphatic congestion. And O.M.G......I may be able to show up at the beach again.....sighhhhh, just thinking about it!

~ Within days, the puffyness around my eyes diminished around 70%, and my eyes natural large size and almond shape is showing up more and today they are almost as large as they were in my active days.

~ The swolleness of my abs is down around 40%. I will continue to fine stream my diet to accommodate my metabolism and ingest more fruits to help cleanse the blood and remove poisons as I remove lymph from my body, which will take more time, but I am fine with that.

~ I have more real energy, truly more energy when I get up and feel like I can begin to work out again in a real gym.

~ The puffy ear/neck area (which is exactly where the facial lymph fluids congest) is going down and my oval shaped face is returning. This is after only a week now. I'm so in love with this discovery and that I finally DID discover what my problem was. Took me long enough! As of this morning I could see my natural facial bone structure again and large eyes. :D:D:D

~ The shape of my natural body is showing up again, with the swollenness going down and the puffyness going down.

~ I did have detox symptoms, I expected this though as once you realize your lymph system is congested and you are now moving it along you WILL feel the effects of the poisons and toxins being processed and moved out. Some can be skin breakouts with poisons trying exit the body through the Elimination Systems which are the lungs, the skin, the lymphatics, the colon and the kidneys. I believe there are more but these are basic ones.  One can also experience a herxheimer reaction like I did, but only for a day where you can feel like you have a bad flu, however, I made sure I drank some of my own homemade Queen of Hungary Formula which is easy to make and works like a magical charm in cleansing the blood of impurities, I keep myself stocked with several bottles at all times. The next day I was fine, a bit beat up but not sick, and seeing and feeling the direct effects of skin brushing my Lymphatic System for health and Beauty. A feeling of being in control of my body is returning, as well as a feeling of well being knowing I have control over my health and beauty again.

I expect also to have more detox symptoms in future as I continue with this cleansing, as much more needs to be done which I can see and now that I understand this system more. I am guessing that as I continue with dry brushing the older toxins stored deep in the cells protected by sebaceous fat etc, will be moved and as it moves out will cause more herxheimer reactions and I will be prepared for this. But I do want to cleanse my body of all the poisons and toxins which have been ''safely stored'' in my body all these years due to self protective mechanisms, but I am ready to remove them all for continued purification once and for all. I suspect this will reach back into my childhood and all the antibiotics I'd been given which need to be removed as well as years of mercury toxicity from dental work and metals from environmental pollutions. This will be an ongoing process, a way of life which I don't mind at all since its both pleasurable and has offered me BEAUTY.

 For Facial Massage:

Use this diagram to self massage your own face daily. You can use your fingers, but if you're like me you tend to pull alot, wanting more results faster lolol, its hard for me to be gentle as it doesn't feel like I'm doing much, but this is my own issue....


I like to use the tip of a blush brush which is rounded wood and this hits the pressure points beautifully and does not pull my skin the way fingers do. Make sure the tip is ROUNDED. 

I spray my face first with Geranium hydrosol, but you can use pure spring water or another hydrosol like rose water etc, and then I aply a serum which gives me the slip and slide I need so as not to pull and stretch the delicate skin.  This facial massage is done within just 3 minutes.

Dry Skin Brush for Body:

I have two brushes (one I had for over 20 years but somehow disappeared and when I replaced it, it showed up where it should have been! Fairies! humpf! so now I have two)  with handles which I remove from the handles and use both to dry skin brush with both hands at the same time. It is very energizing and somehow my body loves it and tingles when it is done.

Dry Skin Brushing is #1 Beauty Producing Tip.

Because it removes body puffyness, swollenness, saggy skin, mis-shaped fluid filled eye sacks and faces, swollen abs and feeling like shit because of pain and sluggishness of ''mysterious causes''.

There are many places you can get DRY SKIN BRUSHES, one or two, as all the drug stores sell them and its easy to get. I would go only with bristles that are natural. Also Shower Brushes look the same but they are two different things and the shower one has bristles far too soft for Dry Skin Brushing, I tried it, it doesn't work at all, must be a Dry Skin Brush. It needs to be done every day, and with other movements for the bodies cleansing systems as well, at the very least a vigorous walk if you are not cripple. I am going to be experimenting with a mini trampoline when I can get it put together, just for this Lymphatic Draining as a life style but with fun. However, if you do not have a physically active lifestyle where you are moving rhythmically to produce aerobic breathing, not just moving around with chores etc, (NOT the same!.......for the body to recognize health promoting exercise it needs rhythmic actions involving all the muscles of the body) ......if you're not doing this, then you are congested and need to manually cleanse your lymphatics with dry skin brushing. If you are doing regular exercise then you probably don't need to but it wouldn't hurt to find out. If you are eating well, exercising and drinking enough water and still see puffyness of your body face and eyes, you are congested. Dry skin brushing is an easy way to cleanse your body of these congested toxins, so your Beauty can show up again.

Lymphatic Drainage and Dry Skin Brushing is for me is the number one Beautification tool and activity. All else is icing on the cake. And icing to come soon lolol!

Happy Journeys to your own Beauty!

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  1. This is fascinating. I have had swollen lymph nodes in the neck and I massaged them the other night and the next day there was marked improvement. Thank you for this info, it was timed perfect for my use.

    1. Ah, there you have it :D, it works well and fast. Blessings, Serena.

  2. I am so glad you posted this. I have been trying to lose weight and become healthy for a few months now. I was doing the dry brushing, but not regularly. After reading this I will be doing it on a regular basis. Thanks again for posting this.

    1. Hi and thanks for writing. I do hope it works for you. Keep a positive mind about it, insist that it works. I love what its done for me so far, its been a real eye opener about the Lymph System and I have much more respect for it now, and realize I must be more diligent and caring of regular detox. Good luck with your diet too.

  3. Thank you so much for the informative post. I learned lymphatic drainage as a massage therapist. It is ever such a light amount of pressure. The lymph systems are like little hairs in diameter! Am so happy that you are having such amazing results❣👍🏻☺️ Looking forward to the next article. And by the way aromatherapy was like my
    Magic potion, I had at least 75 different oils and then different formulas! Xxxxxx

    1. Mary Anne, then maybe you can tell which essential oils work wonders for you. I love them and use them exclusively for everything. My lymph drainage is going to take a while to get me to the deeper levels I want to be at, am noticing regular intervals of feeling good then bad as the massaging works to keep them moving, but the body is handling this at levels that are safe and I keep drinking my Queen of Hungary Formula which is indispensable.

    2. Sorry hadn't seen your reply. The oils depend on the emotional and physical needs of the person, so I have quite a lot of different ones❣Perhaps you could tell me what other symptoms you have.

    3. ok, with the lymph drainage I tend to feel good then bad, like flu like but it goes away fast....I am taking my Formula but with essential oils I wouldn't know what to use for that....will respond to your other comment there re dry shampoo...

  4. I mentioned in this post that I had developed horrid "ridges" or "wave" on my thighs. At the writing of this post I had seen a significant improvement, maybe of now I am 75% clear of them, the skin being much smoother and I am sooooooooo encouraged now that I now what is the cause of this! Please ladies, make dry skin brushing a practice, we all need it.


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