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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Updated Garden Pics and Easy Mosquito Repellent

Hello lovelies!

I just HAD to post pics from just a week ago, of the growth of the things I planted and the absolutely crazy lemongrass! which literally began to grow back within the hour of cutting it! My housemate said when he moved the pot that he saw it grow up since I had just cut it and I thought he was nuts. But he said 'look'! and I looked closer and saw that indeed the stem has sprouted up from the cut place as it was not flat where I had cut it, but rounded and taller! The very next day it had grown inches! my jaw opened in shock I could not close it! :-0 ! Check out the pots on either side of Lampost Square here This is before:

and today:

This is one weeks growth people! :D

Some new pics to compare: before.......

 today...........AND ! I topped off a few of these tomatos as they had gotten too tall and leggy ! ;-0


 I peeked beneath the straw and the basil and parsley seeds have sprouted....they are all in front.....

I planted this Front Porch Patch....with zuchini, peppers, and tomato, and LOTS OF FLOWER SEEDS LOLOL.....I intend to have more flowers this year than ever before! we shall see......

and today..........


the bougainvillia has grown lots of leaves all over its thick base already, the summer should have flowers.

this is the circle.....also planted with lots of seeds and gladiolas which are coming up already in a week. I can't stand the waiting! I get up every morning and run out to see what has sprouted and grown. I really can't stand waiting! :D

the grass looking things are the gladiolas.......around 25-30 should come up......:D:D:D AND I planted alot of seeds in all the vacant spots......edible nasturtiums, cosmos, marigold etc.....I can't wait. This Circle should have NO bare spots at all in several weeks! :D

my mandevilia is sprouting ALOT of flowers along this vine which keeps growing new shoots and taller by the day!

I love the antique colors of this bougainvillia......looks beautiful in the sun.



from the original veggie patch......

THE berry LOLOL..........but it is sweet! see that broken stem? I ate it LOLOL

basil galore.......

 only some of the seeds I've planted........I really am having a hard time waiting for them to grow :-/   :D

my room housemate John brought home the pink and white flowers I wanted, HE DID GOOD! 
pink and white and silver! to die for !

And now for the Easy Mosquito Repellent recipe. Sorry for blurry pic, but I'm just not into long photo shots.
We have lots of mosquitos here and when it rains, they are horrid. But to make your property smell divine and be mosquito free is heavenly! I made a spray for skin use which I talk about here.
But this one is just for the area, not for skin. I use Florida Water as a base to just disperse the essential oils in, because essential oils do not mix with water, but do mix well in alcohol. And this Florida Water does smell very nice on its own. I use about a 1/5 cup of Florida Water. Then I add about 30 drops each of citronella, basil, and thyme. Mix it well, then add water to top off. Spray the areas needed. I did it this morning as I went out to just sit on my chair and I could not because dozens of mosquitos were out to kill. Then I made this, went back out to the porch, let them all out by pulling up the curtains, sprayed everything alot, they scurried out, then put the curtains back down and all day they have stayed away. I shall see how long they stay away. But even if its just a day, it works fine. My housemate says the one for the skin works for him beautifully and this one works well to keep them away from his seating area. I also spray the top of the water of my water barrel and the water fountains. No chemicals, it smells wonderful and lasts (at least) the day. I love it.
Ha! update!. 2 days and still no 'mosquits' or very very few, not to be seen unless you hunt for them! Love it!

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  1. You have made your own personal Paradise there, dear Lady. I love all your plants, all your sweet angel statuary, and the vignette with the pink and white flowers in the silver vase with the Blessed Mother. Love it. xo

  2. Isn't it amazing how fast things grow? I recently planted a bunch of flowers and can't wait to watch them grow!

  3. I love your house. it's really sound very tale :)

  4. Hello, sweet Anam Cara! That garden of yours makes me feel "green of envy" LOL LOL LOL (we are having a cold and rainy autumn here, so I´m afraid I´ll have to wait ´till september to start my own gardening work...) Being serious, it´s really inspiring to see how Nature makes her miracles everywhere, it reminds us that She is ALIVE and always ready to give us all her beauty! But I have to say it, my favorite pic is that one in the inside, with the Madonna and the crystals... somehow I felt that vignette is pretty much ME!!!
    It´s always heartwarming to hear from you, dear Lady... please keep in touch.

    1. :D Green with are not green at all. :D
      The garden is coming along so nice, it always does the first weeks after planting....then something strange happens.....things get brown, or leggy, or blooms fall and no fruit,.....things like that!....but I always try, and keep my fingers crossed, and is why I get so excited to see them looking so green and alive. I'm still waiting impatiently for flowers and especially the nasturtiums, the edible flowers which are so bright and colorful too!
      So you are the Madonna and crystals huh? just like me??? isn't that somethin' LOL.
      I'll always be here too, anam cara, just doing all kinds of things, but I'll be here. I love my blogging ladies, they are the beauty my soul feeds on.

  5. Dear Lady of the Woods, you have created such an enchanting place; both, outside as well as inside. Your home--a cozy and gentle haven and magical gardens... so lovely.

    Enjoy each moment.


    1. Ah yes, creating enchantment and magic and serenity is the only Way for me. More to come....the flowers have yet to bloom, but they should be everywhere. This neighborhood will be in for a shock..... of color! LOLOL~! will I :D The waiting is terrible! I'm not good at it, don't know what to do with myself until they bloom. But at least every day I can watch the lotus leaves grow....and eating from the gardens is wonderful.....last week: plantains with garlic and oil, and arugula salad with their own flowers.....soooo yummy!

  6. What a glorious bounty is coming up!!! And I love that you're growing edible flowers, dearest Lady!
    Thank you so much for sharing your natural remedy recipes, that is very generous of you...
    Our mosquitoes, like yours, are ridiculous...will be trying these for sure.
    And what a gorgeous capture of that love love. The pretty flowers...everything!
    Inspirational and heavenly as always, dear friend...
    Relax and enjoy!!
    Blessings and love,
    - Irina

  7. Your garden is growing beautifully. I will have to look for lemon grass! What a wonder! I do appreciate you sharing this recipe. With all the rain we've had lately, we've been inundated with mosquitoes! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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