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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Garden & Home Pics for Pammie

Hi Pammie, my darling Angel!

And all the other lovelies from blog land!

I haven't been blogging much because of life and feelings and trying to figure out more of what I need to know in order to navigate sanely in an insane world....I know you know what I mean !

But Pammie, after your card today I thought I'd go out on this beautiful sunny day in hot humid Florida and take pics for you because that is the best way to answer your questions, isn't it?
I have been painting still, but the outside!! of the house, if you can believe that, but only the porch so far because rainy season is here and it is tricky painting now. But I have to still do the trim white and then the bedroom window wall which does NOT have the monster vine ficus repens on it, and when I recoup from all the gardening etc, and find a day with no rains, then I will paint that too. The rest of the house is not going to be painted because I am not tearing off the beautiful monster Mr. Repens from the building because I love it being covered in that vine.....

soo......the rest will have to remain my old love Tuscan Clay beneath the vine.....:D c'est la vie~

But lots of pics here so I hope your new lap top can handle it....and I do mean LOTS! LOLOL

First, the front porch is now pink. Lovely color, yes? but somehow its not rocking my boat like the older Tuscan Clay color which when the sun hit it, was absolutely warming and so cozy! This one is pretty and cool, but doesn't warm my heart I have to say. Lets compare.......


 Moving on........I have this lattice I put up on front of my bedroom window because I've never lived in a house that was on a street, I always lived tucked away, or up and away, and this freaks me out to be on ground level! and facing a street, even 10 years later! I hate it, so when I moved in, I had the housemate John, put together two sheets of lattice which I painted the same color as the house so it would blend in and then planted a bougainvillea in front of it so it would cover it and no one could see there was a window there. It worked for a little while, but the bougainvillea got leggy and didn't bloom too much. The paint faded and changed a bit, and sooo.....needed freshening. This was the year to do it because I simply do not want to see anything that is not beautiful. So I cut the leggy bougainvillea down to its base which will grow back but in the meantime I will need something else there to grow quickly. So we got 2 sheets of lattice in white and I bought flowering vine Mandevilia in pink and white, and planted them in front of it. This picture was after cutting the bougan all the way down, poor thing. .....but it's already sprouting leaves all over the base :D

New lattic up and vines planted. Now every day the first thing I do is look out my window to see how much the vine has grown LOL.....because it certainly does grow very very fast! and already in a week has grown extra vines and several feet in length! I love it!

 I raised the soil in that area so it had good stuff to grow in and added this verbena which is also pink and white.

Some plants on the porch......

I dont' know what this delicate tiny white flower thing is but I adore it! when these tiny blossoms open it is sooooo sweet!

begonia.....looks like tiny roses........

ok. outside the front porch this bougainvillia is blooming very nicely! If you want color in Florida, this bougainvillia is the way to go! it is wild in shape and the colors are in jewel tones, and when you have different colors in different places around the property, it is striking! I love these.....planted 2 more today :D


hydrangeas.......wont last here in Florida, but for Easter they are sold and I could not resist!

 Ok, this is the tiny square in the front lawn area.....It has a Hawaiian Glory Princess Bush which is supposed to have lots of purple flowers, but this one is in too much shade for that. I added some coleus cuttings which grow anywhere, and some red lettuce in between because I'm trying to grow lots of edibles this year, more than usual......I will not give up on having paradise......both edibles and flowers galore!! :D:D:D

This is the front porch patch, which has collards in it which I love to juice and to make sandwich wraps with it in place of bread :D, and then use mayo, avocado, onion, red tomato, sprinkled herbs and oh yum O! :D
But I have now some hot peppers, tomato, zucchini and spaghetti squash that are going in there in between the collards in a few days.

This is the official tomato patch which I just planted with 2 different kinds of tomato along with seeds of parsley, basil and coriander, with marigold flowers in between. It's only a week old, lots to grow yet. I use straw as mulch.

Something very sweet about this spot......



This is the first veggie patch I had, I have about 7 now. This has arugula gone wild!! love it! :D, cabbages, rosemary, chives, tarragon, strawberries, and more herbs constantly growing in here......those vines along the fence will be the muscadine grapes, which are gorgeous and grow like crazy!

This is Lamp Post Square patch LOL.....I like to name my patches. :D:D:D
I just did this one this morning, with more tomato and chinese eggplant, and marigolds in between. On either side in pots are the lemongrass plants which is a beautiful tall grass and I use the leaves to make tea in the summer and to scent the is one of the most amazing scents and flavors in the world. I just cut back its 7 foot length this morning and will freeze the bases, not the leaves. It will grow in no time to 7 feet again! :D

phlox in pots.

One of the pathways........
the white flowering bush is almond bush which is amazingly fragrant! JOY!!! :D

see the large conch shell on the table? a little tree frog lives in there :D

This is the shade area, with ferns, traveling palm, peace lily, anthurium and bromeliads......all these plants do well in Australia too!

One of the lemon trees finally bloomed alot this spring and the scent of lemon blossom has to be one of the most heavenly scents in the cosmos!! I can't get enough of it!....and finally.......lemons!! at least a dozen now.

Remember my potting bench? love it! more like a storage bench, but I do love it. See how the clay pots match the clay wall? I loved it when it was first painted.... but it is a cozy color in the sun.

and a very magical Fairy Winged dragonfly which was huge, and even let John touch it!......just for you!

okay everyone......hope you enjoyed the latest tour of my Fairy Hobbit Home! love and hugs to all.

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  1. Hi Serena.....I haven't been visiting much lately...but today.....something just told me I HAD TO STOP BE HERE. It is so very lovely my friend.....a garden paradise....



    1. Hi Jo, I haven't been blogging much either, lots going on here, as with most people I imagine too. But glad you stopped by and said hi. I'm trying to create a paradise here but don't know how much longer I can live with the planes flying over my nerves are shot by now. Interestingly, I just met another neighbor who is having the same anxiety issues which also began for him in January but for him its not the planes. am barely coping now.

  2. I am so glad I stopped by today, your yard is so fabulous. I love all the raised beds, and the types of veggies you planted and herbs. Beautiful. Oh, and now I have a first name, I used to just call you dear Lady!Sserena..... of course it suits you so well. xo

    1. Hi Barbara. Thanks :D. I'm planting more veggies too because I need truly living foods rich in nutrients for my brain, the store stuff just doesn't do it for me and I'm not interested in eating it. But if you don't mind I prefer lady because I don't really want my name online.
      blessings, lady

  3. Anam Cara Mia, that garden of yours is a Paradise on Earth! I could walk around and get lost there much LIFE everywhere! Love all the beautiful plants and flowers... and your angels! Simply no words. I´d like to build something like that here in my new home, but despite having enough space in our backyard, I still have too much work to do INSIDE to have time and energy left for the OUTSIDE... One more of my "someday" projects :( Anyway, it´s very gratifying to have you back in blogland, sharing a little of your magic kingdom, and also your new pink front porch -which turned out beautiful, although too much... ehem... "pink" for me LOL LOL LOL
    Thousands of blessings,

    1. Hello there, yes I'm trying to create a living paradise....more flowers, color and rich edibles. But yes, you do have alot of work inside first....but planting should be for fun in between?
      Well, the pink was the one color that would blend in most especially since the south side of the house faded so much into pink, so I thought it would be the least contrast. And the sweet color should make the house look sweet too once all the planted flowers and vine come up for the summer. But more work to do. :D

  4. Your garden looks so pretty! All the flowers look wonderful and those garden angels are so lovely. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hello Serena~ What a joy your gardens are! I love it that you name your beds! I have only named one of my beds and thinking that I need to name all of them! I love that you have several different spots in your garden.
    What bliss it must be working there.
    I have spent that last few days working in my yard mostly for sanity reasons too just trying to do something to keep my mind at rest and I do that best in the garden. I know that you know how that is.
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home and gardens!
    Love & Light,

  6. Hello~ Thank you for sharing your beautiful gardens! I love that you name your different beds and areas of your outside living areas. I LOVE your porch!
    I have been working for the past few days on my beds, trying to stay sane myself. Isn't it wonderful to have a place to dig in the soil and connect? It takes the sadness away and replaces it with something tangible and lovely. I am always so inspired by your blog! Thank you again!
    Love & Light,

  7. Good Evening Dear and Beautiful Lady!!
    I am always overjoyed to see a new post from you...
    What a slice of heaven this is!! :) This is the ONLY reason I would ever want to live in a house (living in a tiny apartment now, but we do have a balcony)...the GARDEN! Joy!
    I know you have the planes overhead...but the serenity and beauty of what you have created....oh it is splendid...
    And your porch should be on the cover of Victoria!
    Sending much love and light to you,
    - Irina

    1. :D Thank you dear Irina!. I try hard to keep things beautiful, inside and out, both literally and spiritually :D
      the beauty yes, certainly heals once the planes abate! it is quite lovely, and I planted more seeds yesterday and should have lots of flowers in the summer! And I planted the front porch garden that had only collard greens in it, with tomato, zucchini and peppers....and LOTs of flowering seeds! should be gorgeous if they all came up! LOLOL
      Porch on the cover of Victoria!?? wow! :D:D:D that is wonderful to think someone would see it that way,,,,,now I shall appreciate it even more, thank you for seeing with such lovely eyes!
      my hugs to you!

  8. Hello Dear Friend,
    Your garden is such a delight - just love all the Begonias! You can grow some marvelous plants in Florida! The lattice to shield your room is a marvelous idea - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  9. Hi Lady!!! It was good to hear from you...I am good very busy & looks like you have busy been too...Love your gardens...All those flowers & herbs are so nice...we are still creeping along up here in Maine...things are slowly awakening here...I am impatience!! LOL Don't you love raised gardens...I have been changing mine over to raised & am so glad I am... I can;t wait for my dragon flies to arrive...Hope all is well with you...I need to catch up on your posts....Take care

    XO Linda

    1. Hi Linda, your pics are unbelievable! are they from your own property!?? all that green and moss? unreal.
      I do love the raised beds, only too much LOL and wish they were waist height! really!
      dragonflies.....we have lots.....the red ones are all old friends of mine,,,,they always come by to say hi, even the kids, and their kids, and their kids!
      all is well, thank you very much!

  10. 6/24/'13

    Oh dragonflies... How do you attract them? I love them, and see them, too infrequently...



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