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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shifts, Changes...... a bit of Beauty

Hello Everyone ;-)

Its been, what seems like, ages. So much has happened in my little world.
First I would like to say warmest THANK YOU to both Anita and Irina who have been the bubbliest companions to this blog recently and who cared enough to inquire as to my absence. You have reminded me why it is important to share, and that little nudge has brought me back here today when I have just enough sentience within myself to actually speak to others :D

A bit of whats happening. I've experienced ailments, not of a flu or any common thing which usually do not get to me, but anomalous things....but being a Medicine Woman I can either cure quickly or prevent it. I am the Medicine Woman for these parts both physically to those here who accept it and for the neighborhood in energy which is mostly esoteric in Nature. :D
So what has happened has been a bit confusing and I'm still working it out and when I do I may write about it or simply engage the transformations it has wrought.
One of the issues is the affect it had on me when my housemate John had his cancer return which the doctor said was shocking even for him because the mastectomy he had he said cured him of it. But John found some lumps which under surgery revealed more cancer and we were sure he was healed, but not. I was helping John as much as possible with my knowledge and attentions so he has the feeling of being cared for since he has no else in his life, and I was juicing for him, cooking on his days off since as a chef at his own job he gets tired of cooking himself.....I gave him Sole Solution to drink in his water, and some herbal oxygen pills which help oxygenate his body and give him energy. He has been feeling well this past year and I can see it. So this news of the return is surprising. Now I am one who needs to understand the cause of dis-ease because there always is one that is the cause first on the Spiritual Planes and its important to understand this for both prevention and deeper understanding of Humanity. Science to me is still in its infancy especially in the Western parts who still entertain a primitive newtonian view of the human body and how it functions, its purpose and how it heals. They do not consider the spiritual and emotional impact on the presence or lack of health. The Indians and Orientals have much more knowledge and if you were to go to any healer in those cultures they will always ask you what you are experiencing in your life and how you are feeling spiritually.....this tells them the causes and from this wiser stance, they offer suggestions. Sometimes nothing is recommended to intake but to change your life, your feelings and go to Grandma for some love.
Cancer is an interesting dis-ease in that it is so feared due to high rates of fatality attributed to it which I firmly believe is NOT the cancer but an emotion so intense as to cause the body to die from it...... which is always intense negative emotions that have no abatement which manifest as an angry cancer which consumes the body as the negative emotions have consumed their Spirit. John is no exception. Yet I hoped to assuage some of his negative feelings towards everyone by being caring when I can as a housemate, and keeping peace and beauty in this environment we share. But some people have to go through their own processes which is very painful for those who can see a bigger picture and must learn to stand by and watch. Our love and nurturing, wisdom, care and knowledge is refuted and rejected due to more negativity such as pride, ignorance, stubbornness, ego mind, arrogance, small mindedness, contrary, simply cannot understand, and a self destructive independence which does not know when it needs help. This was a hard lesson for me this past week but I learned it with the help of another friend in Italy whose heart is literally transported through her lengthy and detailed email messages to me with so much power that I experience life lessons with Her. She too is a Medicine Shaman Woman.....a pure Love Witch and Light to Humanity. I adore her.

Then there were my own growing situations one of which were my eyes. You cannot imagine, until you lose them, how much you depend on them! I could barely read, write, garden, watch movies, barely. I could not do many things which required the use of my eyes. This caused me fear after a bit when my inquiries into my Spirit didn't tell me anything, or.....what they DID tell me I could not comprehend. What is possible is that they told me my eyes were perceiving something that I held to be truth but was not. This results in eye problems. Or simply I'd been spending too much time reading online researching up to 16 hours per day.  :-/
After speaking finally with my beloved friend Pammie from down under when she saw me through skype is that I had dry eye. I am one to take any information and advice and run with it....I'm one of those rare people who really does not like to suffer and so will take anything and everything to help myself. I say rare because I've experienced more often than not, a person suffering, given advice and remedies will not take them even if they are as simple as swallowing a pill. This amazes me in a very sad way. I believe then they suffer not enough, if they cannot do something so simple for themselves. Yet....they continue to complain. I don't get it.

After our conversation I googled ''dry eye'' and searched natural cures and I found 2 which I tried immediately and they worked immediately to my intense and enormous relief! Overnight I didn't have the pains, or the incessant involuntary blinking, and I felt refreshed. That's another post.

I also had problems with my left breast which I've had before but it always went away. It did not this time. And in lieu of perceiving current weakness in my own systems with my eyes and other things, this did not bode well especially with what my housemate was going through, and being empathic on top of this made me fear that I had somehow ''taken on'' his ailment....which I have done hundreds of times for people who I am in close proximity to.....being an Empath is difficult in that you can never truly know what is yours and what is others....this has required a degree of discernment that is sharper than laser sharp and has taken me many years to figure out. However, I do know that I do Inner Transformations which means that my body and spirit can take on an ailment of disharmonious conditions in my environment from both people and nature, and process it within my own body because I make them inert or neutral and this prevents the negative condition from hurting another or doing any damage in Nature. This is a book I can write about this, but there it is in a nutshell.
So, I got worried for myself in a way I never had before. This caused panic in one day in which with shaking hands I sent an email out to all my email friends to pray for me and the very first response I got within 5 minutes was to call a man named Michael and speak to him because he can help with understanding the energies at work...the cause...yes that's what I needed. I did it right away. I never pass up a potential > And within that conversation he was seeing the energies affecting me, and told me, and from his objective standpoint was that it is Ascension or Earth Changes related, which my body responded to immediately with relief and during that conversation the throbbing in my breast stopped and it calmed down....and this calming can only happen in the presence of Truth, and I learned what I could not see in my distorted perception and fear that I was possibly taking on some of John's issues which is not my desire nor intent. Another interesting point to prove this to me is the fact that most of what was happening to me causing great discomfort was all on the left side of my body which is the Feminine side and which this Earth is now experiencing major transformations with the incoming Feminine Powers to balance the destructive male one which have dominated and poisoned this Earth for millenia. As an empath and Living Transformer I am experiencing lots of Earthly discomforts! Aside from both my eyes going awry, all other issues were on my left side which is still sensitive and for which I'm going to take as soon as I finish this post...... a long hot, sea salt, Magnesium Oil soak and I should feel much better both in body and in mind. It always works.

Thats the short version, but most of it. :D

Oh also important........There has also been during this time alot of learning ....again....about devices, gadgets of magnetic and electrical nature that are very very healing, a few of which I have and which I experienced a significant degree of lessened pain within the hour of using one of them called a Magnetic Pulser.

This renewed my research into them especially one I did not have which specifically targets the lymphatic system and since this is where John is having his problem I talked him into it, very passionately I might add :D....and he bought it. This too is another story because after he ordered it, the day before it arrived my situation in my breast causing me panic as mentioned, encouraged me to try it myself to see if it would work, and I was blown away because after using it for 2 minutes my pain and heat diminished by about 80% and this is huge and I was so impressed. I got into bed that night not having to nurse that left side and this made me very happy and I slept. When I also awoke without having to nurse that side I realized I was still feeling so much better that I had to find the cause of this improvement and the only thing was the Magnetic Pulser and so I got up early to do some intensive research again into these devices and more.  I told John that I used it to try it and see what it felt like and hoped some miracle may happen and help my own breast and when he saw how improved my mood was he finally got a bit interested in this machine. Later I saw him take it out to use it and I suggested he pulse any areas on his body experiencing pain of any kind. Last night I asked him how he felt and he said he believes his ankle was 40% better and his wrist too. This machine is specific for targeting deep seated areas including organisms like cancers in the lymphatic system and that is the use he bought it for. However according to many testimonials and repeat sales it is working ''miracles'' for healing bones etc and diminishing pains for many people but especially in the world of veterinarians. I experienced much diminished pain myself in only a few minutes! So if it works for animals and horses why not people? It is illegal to say it helps people, folks, and this is because "A patient cured is a customer lost" ~ Bob Beck. The medical industry is entirely corrupt yet Nature holds many healing secrets revealed to those open minded and honest enough to find them especially in the field of electrical and magnetic pulses.
If this device's magnetic pulses affects the cancer in his lymphatic system, we wont know until he has the tests etc.....
but for now it helped me greatly and for his various pained areas on his own body.
Its looking good.

I will leave you now, if you have read this far LOL with some beautiful pictures of one of the many billions of faces of God, flowers for this week, huge white lilies with golden centers.

My bathroom awaits me for the hot salted bath with magnesium oils.

LOL....and then my white sofa with lush pillows from Rachel Ashwell....and a nice sweet movie.....

 I wish you all a healthy and blessed day!

My next post will be about my absolutely decadent stove top Peach Crumble! :D:D:D


  1. Dear Lady, oh my, I just thought of you recently, I have been having my fair share here, not quite as intense as what is happening by you, but I feel so bad for your housemate John, that is such a rare cancer for a man to get. I am glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your soak and movie. xoxoxo

  2. Oh sweet friend, what can I say but that your introduction to include my best friend, Irina, and myself here is such an honor. Truly, I have been thinking of you and and as I read on, I am so sorry to hear about John. This kind of cancer I suspect, is not as prevalent in men, and is a shock to hear about it.

    Many of us these days are experiencing stress in so many different ways. I so understand about the shaking hands. I have had chest pains, numbness in my hands and face and a heart that beats fiercely...all due to stress. I believe in understanding what my body is going through so I can take an aggressive approach of CONTROL over my mind and body. If I know that it is just a matter of stress, then I can tell myself that and carry on. I think it is super that you have educated yourself in the healing properties of some of our God-given resources, and I wish you peace tonight my dear.


    1. Thanking you again Anita. Yes those shaking hands are awful. Your symtoms also sound like Earth Changes too, usually the docs cannot find anything particularly wrong though they will prescribed drugs anyway, just in case, you know! ;-/. I think our world is far too stressful with far too much happening that is not of Nature and the further we get away from Her the sicker we become. I try to educate myself as best I can to keep myself in the best health, I've done well so far and will do more too. Thank you, I wish you peace too. blessings, lady

  3. Dear Lady:

    You can´t imagine how much I missed hearing from you!!! I know it´s difficult to believe, but I had the strange feeling that you were going through hard times (well, if you know what being an EMPATH is, perhaps it´s not SO difficult... yes, that´s my natural Gift too).

    I read carefully all your post twice, meanwhile a lot of things to say came to my mind; but sometimes language barrier makes me feel so FRUSTRATED, that I´ll try better to be brief and get to the point. Look, I´ve been a Third Degree Reiki Therapist for eight years (training for my Master Level right now) and let me tell you a couple of things I´ve learned about people and disease: 1) All kind of physical disease has a -more or less hidden- emotional cause; and 2) YOU CAN´T HEAL SOMEBODY WHO DOESN´T REALLY WANT TO HEAL. I realized that there are different reasons which move people to generate a disease: some of them -as you say-, remain wedded to negative feelings such as resentment, anger or criticism; they don´t allow FORGIVENESS to come into their lives, and their bodies end up paying the consequences. There are certain people who get into a painful health disorder because they are transmuting karma from a previous life; others simply don´t love themselves enough as the unique and precious human beings they are, and think instead they deserve some kind of "punishment" for their supposed fails and imperfections. I´ve even known a few who felt that they needed to be ill, because only in those circumstances they got loving care and attention from other people...

    In any case, whatever the cause of the desease could be, the only truth is we can care for these people, accompany them, confort them, pray for them, but WE CANNOT GO AGAINST THEIR OWN CHOICES -whether conscious or unconscious! (yeah, I know how hard it is to accept that, specially if "they" are our beloved ones; I have experienced it with my own father...) What we indeed can do is PRESERVE OUR OWN HEALTH -physical, mental, emotional and spiritual- trying to live harmonious and peacefully, and stay away from toxic emotions that may potentially cause a desease (by the way, probably you know more than me on the subject, but I´ve been said that breast problems could be caused by unsolved mixed feelings about maternity -and I think that maybe you´ve been acting in a figurative way too much as if you were John´s "mother"...)

    Anyway, I know you´re a strong Medicine Woman, and I´m sure you´ll find the way to keep your body, mind and heart in order and even to go on helping your friend, filling his house with calm and nurturing beauty. And although it doesn´t mean a lot, if you want me to I can send distant Reiki to both of you, so the Universal Energy may give a little help for your recovery and welfare...

    All the love and blessings from a distant Soul Sister,


    1. Kassandra I'm so relieved to finally hear from you too. I went to your blog and commented on several of your posts and didn't hear from you again and thought I scared you LOL.
      But as to this....I will say you are entirely right and exact in all you say and I too could have written this :D
      I'm so glad you wrote it, so sweet of you, and you have no language barrier that I can see. Alot of people who only speak English are not as clear as you....please write all you want. I know of the causes of ailment being emotional and maybe for me my own breast has been a nurturing one, but the left means receiving nurturing while the right one is the one that gives. I'm not receiving. I live alone even with a housemate who cares for nothing. I think its not good for me but I cannot cause someone to care, this must arise from their own hearts. Something strange about Florida is the people are so disconnected from themselves and the Earth and are very skittish and transitory in every way. I'm still here after 10 years and have tried to move several times to no avail. Some other force at work for some reason. However it is also entirely possible that I'm being too maternal for John too, I will examine that. I thank you and wish you to speak freely whenever you want. Hearing from a Soul Sister is far too precious. Maybe you will exchange email with me when you feel comfortable. :D lady.

    2. Oh dear friend, first of all I must say a big "thank you" for all the sweet comments you left in my blog; I tried to reply most of them but I don´t know if you were able to read the answers. The truth is I didn´t have enough time or energy for writing ANYTHING the last few weeks, perhaps due to overwork (I live with my Life Partner in a big old house where at the same time we manage a student lodging, so it´s a full-time responsibility) or maybe because our 2-year old boy is leaving diapers, which is particularly stressing -these days he´s got used to take all his clothes off and run all around the house completely naked, although it´s still rather cold here... he drives me crazy!-. But I did read all your beautiful words and they deeply comforted my soul, be sure about that.

      Well, getting to the point, I can imagine how difficult may be for you to be alone in a place where you feel nobody cares about you. Montevideo is almost a little village compared to any city in the United States, but most people are also selfish, superficial, consumerist, always afraid and distrustful (the news repeat over and over again images of robberies, accidents and murders). That´s why I´ve chosen to live "in my own bubble" -as my partner usually says- virtually locked at home as if it were a sanctuary, without TV, newspapers and so on. I miss a lot my parents and very best friends who still live in my hometown, but at this stage of my life I simply could not move back there either. To be honest, when my partner and I started living together I accepted to stay here only for a while -until he finishes his career- and then move to a more peaceful and healthy place (about two years ago we bought a small piece of land near the sea, where we dream to build a cottage-style little house for our child to grow free and naturally). But due to some financial troubles and bureaucratic obstacles it has not yet been possible, and we have been in Montevideo for more than four years already!

      Anyway, I´m convinced that according to the Divine Plan, you and I are exactly where we NEED to be (although that may be not what we WANT); and the feeling of isolation is because we have been placed as small lighthouses precisely where the darkness is deeper... Both of us know these are times of big changes for the Earth and the human race itself; and now, more than ever, is expected of us -WOMEN- to be strong, brave, supportive and compassionate, because we have the mission to lead a peaceful revolution, join our sisters all around the planet, and rise our sons and daughters in a new paradigm, so they can be the builders of a more honest, ecological and beautiful world...

      Yes, I know there´s nothing like a REAL hug to warm our bodies and souls; but think about the wonderful VIRTUAL hug you have created through this blog, which has brought together so many amazing ladies -each one with her own shining star but all vibrating at the same frequency of Energy! Let yourself be nurtured by this sisterhood of Love and Empathy, and trust Divine Mother´s Wisdom: She never leaves Her precious daughters alone.


      PS: The picture you saw in black and white is me with my beloved little son, on his first birthday (Dic 17, 2010). So sweet of you to notice!

  4. I was concerned as to where you have been too--I hope that you and your housemate both find yourself feeling healthy. I found your post interesting--I agree cancer scares people to death. That oil for your bath sounds heavenly. Good to see you posting--take care!

    1. Thank you Sandy, nice of you to say so. John is actually gone now to learn of what his treatments will be. He's handling this better than I am for some strange reason his mother and I don't understand.
      It is good to be posting a bit again.
      blessings, lady

  5. Dearest Lady, please forgive me for being such a latecomer, but your posts are ones I truly need to savor and ponder, so I need to allow myself a bit more time on the computer. You are so kind to mention Anita and me, please know that I think of you and send you light often. What you are writing goodness...first of all, may your housemate be well...I truly wish that for him.
    And you are speaking of your left side, I am going through similar issues...I so agree with all of your thoughts and observations, wise friend...
    The fact that our society, for the most part, is moving away from the laws of Nature is disturbing indeed, although I feel like we are all going through a shift in consciousness...that there is a sense of change and expectation..I don't know...maybe it's just wishful thinking.
    Take care, beautiful and strong health to you on every dimension...
    - Irina (a fellow empath ;)

    1. Hello Palomasea..... you are always such a pleasure, maybe you too are some kind of kindred spirit or soul sister. Thank you for saying what you think.
      Forgive you?? whatever for?! I'm only too glad to have you visit me and take the time to speak to me and so it is I who am grateful.
      Yes, we are going through a shift in consciousness, one of is painfully slow and very little to see but I sense it with my self....I see so much more than than before and the worlds of falsehood and deception is then what is there to fill it? my guess is BEAUTY. However, I am low on the ground from despair and shock of it all....still I hang on and continue to breathe.....even steal moments of joy in Rose Jelly!
      blessings to you! on all dimensions! I love that!


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