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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fresh Flowers September

I bought some flowers last week :D......and took some pictures. I like to buy what my inner eyes sees as beautiful on that particular moment given the minimal choices we have here in Florida. So what I do is choose the healthiest flowers they have. Today I chose these two and though I originally meant to put the gladiolas in a separate vase, I lazily just put them together. I love colors of Nature.

I heard in a lucid state this morning "to contemplate Nature" and within that Spiritual directive, I felt the effects, rewards, of doing it, and it felt nothing less than Divine. Today I shall contemplate Nature as much as I can and continue to do so for as long as I can. I will go to my favorite nursery and get some plant/flowers to redo my front porch planters.
I don't just love flowers, I NEED them. I don't understand people who can live without them.

Here are some pictures .....

 (can't wait until I paint everything in this house white....seriously....many shades of whites, yumly!)

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  1. Dear Lady,

    I´ve spent a whole week reading all the posts at your beautiful “Fairy Cottage...” and I feel deeply touched by the strong, peaceful, feminine and sensitive way you face ordinary life and its circumstances as if all of them were sacred and we, women, were highest priestesses in charge of preserving the little flame of Hope... For some moments I was invaded by a strange feeling that I KWNEW YOU BEFORE, that we two were a sort of Soul Sisters despite of geographical distances! Your passion for natural life and pure beauty, your personal way of worshiping the Divine Mother in everything you do, your devotion to Magic and ethereal beings who live around us, your determination to make your own “everything” –clothes, personal care stuff, house cleaners, etc.–, and even some movies and books you mention here and there, reminded me of my own path for the last eight to ten years, and specially since my little son was born, on December 2009. But I was totally amazed when discovered that you signed your early posts as “Serena”... that was the same name I used as a nickname in my first Internet adventures, long time ago! Can you belive in that kind of SINCRONICITY?

    Well, excuse me for my bad English and for the long comment. In brief, I only wanted to say that YOU REALLY INSPIRED ME; it’s so heartwarming to know that we aren´t alone in our “crazy” dreaming lives... I´ll keep on following you.



    1. Kassandra! wow....sigh....what a most beautiful expression my soul needed to drink in expressed so many things, of a kind that comes only when a Light sees another Light and speaks from the heart of that place. I am here for further communications if you should desire. I love nothing more than to find my kindred sisters on this Earth in walking a lonely path that keeps the Divine Mothers Light of Hope lit by my very own breath, the Sisters who are placed so far apart from each other to cover enough points to keep this planet lit....please contact me....synchronicity is white magic in action :D blessings, lady

    2. Lady, I was very surprised and excited with your words; I didn´t really expect you would answer -at least not so soon! Just let me add that in a magical way your blog (along with Sarah Ban Breathnach´s books) bring me back to my Truly Self, quite neglected and punished lately by the overwhelming requirements of “real” life. And yes, I promise to be in touch, despite of the language barrier –I can read English fluently, but writing is another thing...– If you want to, you can also take a look at my blog: where I show some of my little craft and decor projects. By the way, would you mind if I translate one or two of your beautiful posts, so I can share them with my spanish-speaking friends? I´m sure they´d appreciate them as much as I do.



      PS: I tried your homemade laundry soap recipe not only on my little boy´s clothes, but also on the young students´ with whom we share our home, and it was a completely success!! Again, thanks for sharing.

    3. oh Kassandra, Of course I answer to beauty's voice immediate! Nothing good escapes me for any length of time LOL Sarah's book "Simple Abundance" used to be my daily bible! It was the one book that gave me permission to love myself daily and that daily grace was one of women's greatest gifts, I consider it a true Holy book, for women. I still have the book. I will take it out again, and read from today. Victoria Magazines, the older ones also are renewing my Grace. I decided to live it the way I want given what I have....and so far its ok. I wish for land, to see a vista of beautiful orchards and gardens and lake on my own property, but alas.....
      Yes please stay in touch, I look very forward to hearing from you again and there is nothing wrong at all with your writing, I understand you better than most. Yes please translate what you desire, it is why I make it public....its for the taking, a gift. :D
      Just browsing your site now and leaving comments there...yes I can see it! LOL


    Nature is my friend. Since I was an only child, my only mentor really, was nature. The dog next door sat with me for what seemed like hours, as I stroked its fur. Listening to birds, observing the silhouette of a horse for illustration and enjoying the quiet were all and still are my favorite things to do. There is more strength in listening than in speaking, I have found.

    And as for your ALL WHITE painting project, I AM THRILLED FOR YOU! Peace, loveliness is awaiting you! Anita

    1. It is just an amazing miracle of magic how you touch my self and others with such a perfection that can only come from a pristine heart. Your pictures always amaze and remind that there is soooo much more, to look around with larger eyes and see with the heart and its dreams. I love coming here! and thank you for your comments to me of late. There are some challenges I'm facing and so I go quiet in these times. But I hear you with my heart!
      Yes, lots of painting coming soon and soon there will be my beloved sacred purity in that White displayed and expressed with touches of silver, magic and whimsy! lol

  3. Good morning dearest Lady!

    Your kind comments are really a sweet part of my day! Challenges are all around us, and I think that what you said about "...hearing with your heart," is what more of us should be doing!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy and SEIZE the day my friend! Anita

  4. As always, a beautiful and inspiring post. I must say, you would hate my home, I have so much color! I still like it though, as I went from all white walls and soft pastels. I guess we go through seasons of color in our lives and I am very very much still into autumn!!! I finally made my detergent. I think the jury is still out. It cleaned one towel but did not remove a stain on the other. Oh, it might have sat for too long, that darn stain. But it smells great. I did 1 bar Fels, 2 c borax, 2 c washing soda. xo

  5. Your flowers are so so pretty. The red roses with the purple glads is so striking. I am so going to miss my flowers--they are almost all gone. Have a great day!

  6. Oh, did you just give me an "aha' moment with this gorgeous bouquet!
    Dearest Lady, gladiolas have always reminded me of my childhood, but I never thought to trim them for a smaller vase! Why not?! They are so beautiful..I love the colors you have put together...just lovely!
    Thank you!
    I was just thinking today how it has been way too long since I've purchased flowers...I NEED them...yes indeed, I so understand that.
    Nature is the great soother and teacher...
    Loving and light to you, blessed soul...
    - Irina

    1. :D, yes cutting them shorter and used with other flowers is beautiful! I only had these 2 colors because these are the 2 which looked the healthiest, and I couldn't leave one in the store :D and just take the other, so I got them both. I had a tough day before and so I treated myself. Those colors....Love Mama Nature!!! :D
      Tell me what you picked up. I never tire of hearing of peoples flowers :D

  7. Hi Lady,
    I'm so sorry that I missed this beautiful arrangement at the last Fresh-Cut Friday! I love the color combination and the Glads are a wonderful addition. Love the big fat pitcher too. :)

    I am just going through and enjoying some of your posts. You have a very pretty blog and I am now a follower.



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