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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

White Lace Purse and Shoes

Hello everyone.

One of the latest projects is an altered purse from the thrift store and shoes from Target I fixed up.

I wanted something like straw or grass for the purse, a natural fibre because all my things are from nature. This find is plain and simple, but we can always fix that :D  The plastic handle had to go though.

I bought a macrame belt and cut it down for a new handle and sewed it in place of the one I removed from the wooden rings, and with the extra length made tassels for the sides. I sewed some lace trim around the top.
An embroidered floral design I cut from a thrift store linen is used for the centerpiece. My colors are white and ecru especially lately. Summers in Florida cannot take much more stimulation :D

 I've been getting compliments from many people on this "new" purse.

These shoes I bought in Target in plain leather because I wanted to embellish it with lace to match the purse. I glued 2 different kinds of lace trim onto the strapping, that's it.

I love embellishing and sharing with others like you!


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  1. THOSE are too cute my friend.



  2. A sweet purse, and pretty tosies!!

  3. Your purse and lace flip flops are adorable!

  4. These are so cute...I love what you did with them...I love the lace on the sandals...I am definitely going to use that idea this summer... Thanks for sharing this Lady!!! :)

  5. How lovely that you have turned something plain into something
    stunning! I can never think outside the box! That is a gift only so many have and I'm not one..but you have it!

  6. Very clever and talented...something so plain, has been reborn into something more desirable and eye catching. Well done!

  7. Hello! Your altered purse and shoes are just too lovely! I love the embellishments - you've inspired me! We should always step out in things we love (really, no pun intended). I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  8. The purse is adorable, and so are the flip flops. Such a simple embellishment with such a big impact. I also love your back re-do. Those billowing sheer curtains are perfect. I am your latest follower and a fellow newbie blogger. Hope you'll stop by and check me out sometime.

  9. What a lovely purse! I love how you used items from the thrift store to decorate it.


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