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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer and Mango Sorbet

Well this is summer and mango trees are everywhere and as many as there are they are coveted by their owners for their precious fruits, for their taste off the tree when ripe is like nothing else. It is by far my most favorite fruit. I have finally my own tree, grown fully in just 5 years but he only gave me 2 mangos. 

Luckily I have two neighbors whose trees give of dozens and dozens and I've had my share let me tell you! I've received even way too many that I could eat, freeze and store for future smoothies which go beautifully with pineapple! So as I had already a dozen on my table, my neighbor came to me with a dozen more! And I looked at them as his granddaughter stood next to him, and wondered what to do with them, yet I didn't want to refuse those perfect fruits! So, I had to come up with something delectable and practical with no waste! What's a Fairy to do? I decided on the spot to make Mango Sorbet. I can use them all and it will last a long time frozen. I can have the taste of Mango for a lonnnnggg time ! LOL. So as I accepted them from him I said, ''then I will have to make some Mango Sorbet! Do you like Mango Sorbet?" He said not him, but his granddaughter there does and she's standing there smiling in agreement. So I asked her directly with an impish Fairy like smile....."do YOU like Mango Sorbet''? and she smiled yes. That was it. I was to make some with all his mangos and give the Sorbet to her. 
So....researching online for simple recipes which do not need an ice cream maker I found plenty and it seems they only require a few basic ingredients, and many even ''strange'' combinations including tarragon?....but still the basic is what I was after and finally simply decided to forego any recipe and just mix what I wanted and see what happens. I did just that. I knew I wanted a creamy texture as opposed to just a crystal or icey one, so I knew I had to add something creamy, so I used the organic goat milk yogurt I had. I also knew I wanted a bit of sugar syrup which I made from organic turbinado, I wanted Rose Water, lime zest, and lime juice. There's the ingredients ! lol....whatever I wanted. I did spend the morning making it then putting it in the glass container and freezing it and the next day I sampled it and it was quite amazing!

Once I had the container of Sorbet for the little girl Liyah, I made a label for it saying "Mango Sorbet'' from Serena for Liyah. And she loved it so much, she made me a pink card she made herself with card stock, with pictures, and brought me a perfectly matching pink rose with it! What a divine gesture! She said ''I didn't like it, I LOVED IT!" lol......She doesn't know she has more coming :D

However, despite my greatest passion and intensity, I have sadly discovered there is such a thing as ''too much'' I had way too many mangoes still. They sat there sadly turning older and getting black spots and I just could not eat another one. Soooooo I decided to make MORE Mango Sorbet! It can always be kept frozen and enjoyed at any time, it was just doing all the work again with such a tiny food processor which I have for 25 years. But today was the day...sooooo......I put the music on and began. I had zested the limes, and juiced them. The Rose Water was ready as was the turbinado sugar syrup. Next,  I opened the can of coconut milk, but it was stuck and the can opener wouldn't open it so I had to use a knife. By some wierd accident, the stuck place gave in, but it splashed so much coconut milk all over me and everywhere else too!...the counter, the floor everywhere. So....what's a Fairy to do? I took the milk that has splashed on me and rubbed it into my skin! was the perfect moisturizer....and the rest of the splattered milk I could grasp I spread onto the rest of my skin. *grin*....all else was wiped up.
However, I HAD to figure out how to make it all in one bowl, in one batch as that would surely make my life easier than making the many smaller batches I would have had to with over a dozen mangoes!
And lo and behold, a Christmas gift I had given to my roommate proved my savior. I had a huge wooden bowl in which I mixed all the mangos and then all the other ingredients sitting pretty waiting to be added were there....well.....just needed to be added, and the Smart Stick is a tool that you can use to mix right in the bowl. It was so easy! Next I tasted it, it was perfect. And all I had to do now was put the Sorbet in their containers which I did. Tomorrow I will enjoy some more, hopefully with a creamier texture with the added coconut milk.
Tomorrow I shall have a luscious beautiful Mango Sorbet, peach colored, delectable and divine, exotic and reminiscent of Paradise or serve anyone who needs a bit of Magic of Nature! as of course, I always have that! and plenty of it too!

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  1. HI LADY, I love Mangos, too. The Mango Sorbet seem very tasty indeed.
    I wouldn't mind a taste.:-D. Hey when you get too much mangos just
    toss me some.... LOL Enjoy, my friend.



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