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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Friday, July 24, 2015

When Life Takes You Out Of The Pretty Picture

Hello Everyone,

I haven't blogged in a while for many reasons. Some of which has been a gauntlet of beatings from a series of painful things. Some of it personal, some not.
The Spiritual communities are talking alot about the changes, the end times, the shift, whatever.....but only the blind I think cannot see this is happening. Some are hunkering down and hiding. As do I.


Another is that in South Florida, during our sub-tropical rainy season, my area is in the red of extreme drought and gardening is difficult because of the extreme heat and water only from city sources which the plants are not happy about. Also this constant tension of weather.....inundated with positive ions which are detrimental to both physical and mental health.....we need the storms and rains for the negative ions which make us feel healthy, happy and harmonious. We are getting thunder and lighting but no rain here at all. We've had a total of 6 minutes of gentle showers in over 2 months, and this is not even enough to wet the appetite of a blade of grass. Very sad grass. Even the sun has become a monster. I'm drawing the blinds closed for the first time in my life ever. The sun is just far too bright and intense, too ostentacious. I need the protection of cloudcover and the delicacay of grey shades, and coolness, a vista of blending softness and quietude.

I know I may lose a few of you because of this not pretty post. That's ok.

Then there are the ugly things. Those things which most bloggers do not wish to hear about....don't worry, I won't mention them......but which is a reality of life and while it is pandemic the world over, it is tragically taboo......people don't like to look at it, it ruins their pretty day. Children and women continue to be abused. Ooops did I give a hint? Though the very exposure of these things and their investigations and humane virtue of protection with a dose of courage would make this world a happier place. Because for sure the deafening silent treatment relating to those hurt by such abuse grows into sickness and disease. However, denial and turning the other cheek is the order of the day. I am not impressed with humanity lately but even more so that women have not stepped up to curb the madness of men.
There is an expression that says, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke.

Any comfort from platitudes have worn out, and it is simply challenging. I understand life is this way for many right now and even I have noticed many bloggers and other writers going silent. Yet many are still as strong and vocal as ever. I have never been one to put on fronts, or stiff upper lip and all that. I am too authentic to my self for that, so I have gone silent. The warrior in me tired.

Then there is the paranormal or spiritual or metaphysical.....more taboos......and something that has more opinions about it than there are people on Earth. However, the paranormal or spiritual realms is not only fascinating, real, dangerous, exciting and to be respected, until one becomes slowly versed in how deep the reality of life is, how deep the rabbit hole goes, and just how many rabbit holes there are, one is merely living on this earth with superficial existence and missing the mind boggling truths of this Universe and what humans really are and capable of. Why we're here. At least some of us.
I mean, just look at the movies coming anything not related to aliens and transhumanism? Just what are they trying to tell us? Can we talk about that?

My question is why do some live lives entirely drenched in the paranormal and others have absolutely no clue of what even intuition is? I'd like to hear from others on this.

I do however see there is a possibility for light at the end of the tunnel, due to having a Vibrational Healer, and my own inner Light cornering me with a will to not just survive but to shine. This amazes me. I've had people ask me, ''how do you go on?". I don't know honestly.
But for sure blogging has gone to the wayside.

I just wanted to say, I am not out, just away, and I will be back, maybe even later today or tomorrow with some gorgeous gourmet easy raw food recipes.
I do still eat. :D



  1. My dear soul sister, I don´t exactly know what you have been going through, but I certainly can perceive and understand that feeling behind your words! THE WARRIOR IN ME IS TIRED TOO; and yes, lately I´ve been also one of the silent ones, probably because I still cannot distinguish if this sense of helplessness and hopelessness is something happening only within myself, or I´m simply internalizing something which comes from outside... However, I´m still here for you any time you need me, please never forget it!
    Warmest hugs and blessings,

    1. Hello my dearest,
      how I think of you with such heart. I read your last post and had no words, for you, to my great shame, but I felt for you a great deal.
      No you don't know exactly my circumstances but I do sense and feel you know the depths of the traumatizing nature of living these days. The sense of hopelessness and helplessness is not just yours it is widespread and for many many reasons, some of which many refuse to listen to, but it is also part of the frequency wars of technologies as well as the direct result of the manufactured terror attacks, serial killers, rapists, pedophiles, and warmongers, are literally designed for this helpless feeling amongst people, as that is where they want us. You know this.
      I would love to speak with you, but writing is the only way for you and though I have been out of it lately, I will try to write you soon. Don't know where to begin, that will be the challenge. warmest hugs and love to you!

  2. There is so much going on in the world and in the Spiritual realm, that one would have to be a mouse in order to miss it. In fact, I think a mouse would probably experience the drift of nature more than some humans can. When I read there is a coastal 'dead zone' of non-life, the world over, from nitrates from whatever we humans have thrown into the cauldron of nature, all caution or intelligence thrown to the wind, thinking the oceans were strong enough to purify man's mistakes, it is too apparent that something is dreadfully wrong with our planet. I like a dark room to sleep in at night. Here in California, we too, are experiencing what you are with the lack of rain, yet we get the thunder and the lightening but only minutes of rain which cause dusty rain drops on our car's windshields.
    And I too, shut the drapes and pull down the blinds to block out the brilliant sunshine. I am a night owl after all is said and done.
    And people? Where are their hearts, their souls, their forgiveness? And the common kindred spirit to respect others plights in life itself? I think of the song 'My Imortal' what a haunting melody by Evanessence. That song has such feeling and emotion to it. It reaches me to the depth of my being. It's the way I feel about the Earth dying. Which I believe it will die if man continues on the wreckless road of debauchery of not just the physical earth and nature, but the debauchery of the mortal soul as well. I tend to muse on these subject often. And I pray a lot, and hope.
    I know just where you are coming from and I tend not to speak the unspoken word on my blog. My blog is just a 'surface' only blog, not much is deep about it. If I were to really write the kind of blog I wanted to, there would be only a handful or true deep people who would respond.
    Thank you for sharing some of your heart.
    Be blessed, if only from your own musings, as sometimes it is ourselves who can only travel the road we are on and learn the wisdom from the sound of silence which can sometimes be earth shattering.
    Wisdom does not speak to fools as they will not listen.
    And yet, it is the meek who will inherit the Earth. So it is better to be meek and quiet and to confront our own ghosts of the past and to let them pass by with a sigh, and to let them go. I have found this to be true, as I cannot change what others think.
    from Miss Teresa

    1. wow Miss Teresa, I thank you deeply for reading and truly hearing what I am saying, for being a feeling person, for seeing and speaking. I agree with everything you say, apparently we are walking similar paths. I never wanted to become a night owl but things are pushing me in that direction. I need the silence from the din of the collective consciousness. But at night I can experience quiet and the golden silence all brains need to cleanse from busyness. But though I've tried to stay up I get tired. Maybe with practice. I certainly do not need the daytime these days with the intensity of this sun and the dry rainy season and watching my plants and grass fry and people move around like computed zombies. I don't understand why everyone is not outraged at all the insanity.

      I would like to say that maybe you can start another blog and write the kind of blog you want to, and really speak your mind. Even if only a handful ever read it, they will become far more precious than a dozen fluffy is important to express what we truly want to. I have another blog for this. And as you say, ''wisdom does not speak to fools as they will not listen''. So true. And depth of soul eludes the superficial.

      I feel, however, in these days of such extreme insanity and debauchery also as you say not only of the world but of the soul....I find it inexcusable to see people continue to bury their heads anymore. I'm finding this spiritually incriminating. To allow is to be complicit, and though I have been writing and speaking on these things and doing what I can to expose, they remain in the deep hypnotic state of denial and refusal and I don't know how to handle this. I truly believe some people do not have souls. I have been told many times and read many times, some humans are here only to experience the physical, they have no true soul, and is why obvious debauchery rolls over them like water off a ducks back.
      It is the only explanation.
      Thank you for writing. please stay in touch.

    2. Dear Lady of the Woods
      Ah..thank you so very much for your reply, It causes me much joy when the simplicity of the Spiritual is so freeing. I try to walk in the Spirit's muse of love, joy, peace, harmony, purity of heart, (trying not to beat down others with verbal put downs). It has never been in my nature to be vindicative. I would allow myself to be verbally beaten down, when I knew it was not fair, but coming from someone who had to have the upper hand, OCD or rather, a very delusional person. Yes, I cannot understand how some people just don't 'get it' as far as the depth of the soul to be able to express or understand the muse and gifts of other people whom they rub shoulders with on a daily basis. Does that make sense? If I can't really 'know' someone, and they 'hide' who they really are, 'hide' their lives out of fear of being 'found out' with what they know might be evil or harmful to their very being. When you live with someone like that, you begin to see their transparency, and it does not nourish your own inner realm. It is going to be a full, blue, moon on Friday. I do not enjoy being in the sunshine. In fact I feel better when the sun begins to make its decent toward the western horizon. It is too positive of a force for my fragile negative ion vibes. When two members of my family finally close their eyes when they are at rest at night, I also feel a freeing of my mind from intrusive vibes, and I can relax. They are both men, my husband, and my Down's son. Men do have that affect on intuitive women.
      Here is my email address: I don't know when my husband is going to disconnect my computer, so I am sending you my email address when I return three weeks from now with a new PC.
      I posted on one of your other blogs too.
      My sister attempted to begin a new blog called 'Into the Vapor' and immediately her life began to be spiritually attacked and even her life things turned against her husband, he lost his job for a year and a half. So, yes, there are spirits out there who do not want the Truth to be manifest. I began a Facebook page too, and it was more spiritual then my blog, and I too, began experiencing physical set-backs. Those demons and spirits KNOW who we are and they will try to discourage us, but Greater is He that is within you than he that is within the world, including those Bohemian Grove dudes who are so messed up! We have a power over them they can't understand. It's been good connecting with you!
      Miss Teresa

  3. I had just been wondering where you were and how you are. It is indeed a time of great introspection and pondering. Believe it or not we just had a wee bit of rain up here in the Pacific Northwest after several months of sun. We were in the 90's for a while but probably not as hot as you. There is so much trauma going on right now, that drowns out all of the good news. I promise you there is more good than bad. But the bad is so bad! Everyday I pray to be able to have the power of discernment to lighten someone's load, and I am never with out the opportunity to reach out. I am very grateful for that. I hope you can find some peace and relief during this time! Xxxx

    1. Mary Anne Komar it is always nice to hear from you, and thank you for wondering about me. I would like to hear of some of that good news please and thank you, if you can direct me.Though I too read about more organic farmers sprouting up I also read how larger ones are being forced down, and it is law in some places that one cannot grow vegetables in their front lawn....a real law!
      But as a researcher I am finding the controllers of this planet, from governments to local police are all having a hand in keeping the status quo, instead of brainstorming as to why crimes increase and act from there, and is why there is no real lessening of crimes, in fact they increase. And chemtrails are being sprayed upon all life on this earth and mutating and destroying organic life is beyond my brain to comprehend, yet they are doing it unceasingly, and slowly everyone not just vegetables are becoming genetically modified organisms, becoming dumbed down and numbed and sicker and sicker. It is also known that those who venture into questioning these things tend to, shall we say, have a more difficult time of it. However, I just cannot keep quiet as I watch people being poisoned and manipulated. Trauma indeed.

  4. I am very interested in the paranormal. I always wonder if my Grandmother or other people are with me at times. I don't like to think of the evil side of paranormal but would love to think I have a guardian--or two.

  5. Here are links about the constellation Orion. When I began doing some research after a voice in my head (the Eternal Spirit) prompted me to find out about Orion (as NASA seems to be 'hushing up' about discoveries). Anyway, here are a few sites. about the Orion Mystery

    You may have to go online for these sites, it may not give you a direct link, but I was so fascinated with what I found on these sites.
    Also, a book titled 'Gospel in the Stars' by Joseph Sibes a most revealing book about the constellations, all 48 of them. The prominent 12 and the minor ones. Lots of mind-boggling information as my sister and I had also felt there were more to the stars than just mythology, etc.
    Including the fact that the constellation Draco, the Dragon, shifted in the universe in position at the same time Jesus Christ went to hell to capture the keys of Death and Hell, destroying the Devils power over Death. He was the original Angel of Death before he fell, curiously enough. The deeper you go, the deeper the rabbit hole. And people don't seem to get it that the spiritual surrounds us all of the time.
    Miss Teresa

  6. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Eph. 6:12,13. This isn't OT writings. It's NT....written for us today. Miss Teresa is correct. Jesus descended before He ascended. He took back the keys over sin and death! We live in a world that deals with spiritual battles everyday. satan knows time is short. he's fighting for every soul he can get before the end. Every great move in the heavens(constellations, first and second heavens) always goes hand in hand with a great move in the heavenlies(spirit world, third heaven).

    1. Thank you Debbie. I know of that comment about powers and principalities and I've experienced it first hand my whole life. It just boggles my mind how some can so embroiled in this battle, or rather more of an attack of those p & p at work against some people relentlessly, while others seem to live life in ignorant bliss. Some say those with brighter lights will be more attacked while those asleep do not need to be bothered with. I'm tired of being a bright light if that is the case. My heart is my guide, I am love and always will be. My voice for the liberation of humankind has always been my mission, if you will. But I'm beyond tired.

  7. Lovely comment from a reader:

    Oh sweetie....the ones living in ignorant bliss are the ones already lost to eternal darkness.
    Living in the light is the most difficult path. The dark one constantly wants to steal your joy with oppression from outside forces.
    He doesn't go after the others....they are already his.
    YOU, with your joy, and your light, and your concern for mankind is a prize of the highest achievement.
    My motto: don't get sad, get mad!!!
    Don't let anyone put out that light of yours!! Don't lose who you were meant to be.
    Your countenance is an inspiration.
    Guard that inner peace!

  8. Hi, Serena
    I hope you are doing well. I did get the last name wrong for the author of the book 'The Gospel in the Stars'. His name is Joseph Seiss. I will not be sending you specific emails about the hype on the internet about current events anymore. It has become too nauseating and distressing. I will continue to support our Feminine roles and gender as that is our journey here and I will try to send emails on a more positive side. The world is bad enough as it is without the media constantly posting about it and us reading about it. I choose Life, and Love and Peace.

  9. I know exactly how you feel...that is why I have to take time off from social media....Abuses from all corners abound...of people. children, animals & Mother Earth....when you speak out you always get feedback & sometimes not good especially on FB...people do not want to be reminded....but I will not remain silent to accommodate those who want to bury their heads...I try to keep things positive but when the spirit moves me I speak...we have to but we also have to recharge & take care of ourselves too....the world can be a wonderful but ugly place... Stay strong Sistah,,,, knowing that your not alone can be of some comfort.... Peace <3 & a big HUG :)

    1. Thank you Linda. Its always so nice to hear from you.
      I think the silence is more of a shock kind of thing lately more than anything as one cannot believe what madmen are doing all over the place with fracking, warring, serial killing, incessant bureaucracy, chemtrails and on and on. It is mind boggling, and I go into a type of paralyzed shock. I can't remain silent either, and yet as you say, the feedback is that people would rather remain feeling good than face reality. This is why it doesn't get changed though, but the people are not wanting to unite for this. sad. Thanks for reminding me I'm not alone.


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