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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Seed Packet Organizer

Yes, I needed one.

I am using mostly Heirloom Seeds now rather than plants, and this is due to both needing to save money on my part yet wanting as much growth of both food and flowers as possible, and not wanting those GMO plants spiked with chemicals.
I want to start everything I can from heirloom seeds and support those hard working devotees of quality over greed. So I'm doing as much planting from seeds as will grow and will fit.
This also takes alot longer than I would like. Plantings and growing is taking months, and I find this is changing the way I'm experiencing gardening in a huge way.
Rather than buy/plant/buy/plant....I'm sowing seeds for the right time, and this takes an awareness of what plants do best in what season, and how long cycles are, planting in Spring for Fall, and planting in Fall for Spring.....and such.....however, we in Zone 10 can bend those rules quite a bit. So gardening is moving slower, it has become seasonal, more cyclic and tuned to Natures Seasons, rather than my own shopping whims.....and this is good. Though I am not happy at how long some seeds take to become 5 inch tall plants, I must continue to pace myself, and continue planting seeds for continued growth, and this requires alot of planning ahead which I'd never really been good at.....I'm a more in the moment, now kinda person. Waiting around for plants to grow big enough to plant in ground is almost torture and feels like I am doing nothing most of the time, which has become true, but it is the way it must be using heirloom seeds for a garden.
However what is happening is that Nature is teaching me about ''time.''......actually the correct, real and natural cycles of time. It has nothing to do with a gregorian clock or calender, those are man made and useless, yes useless and keeps those who are tuned into it in a closed loop ever in the same closed and one dimensional flat circle.
Planting seeds, I am learning the time cycles of Nature which move around seasonally, 3 dimensionally......and offers ones spirit a soft place to land by taking ''time'' to enjoy each cycle, and though it comes around again, it does so in a different place, like an upward moving spiral as opposed to the closed man made clock which goes around and around in retarded circles to the exact same spot......which is totally unnatural and leads to spiritual discontent without fail.
The upward cycles of seasons is natural and I'm loving acclimating myself to these...looking forward to seasonal changes feels so much more alive. I spend seasons few though they are in these parts, still they are cyclic with Nature and am content to spend the time in the season. The Cycles of Nature Spiraling keeps me in a movement in tune with something so much greater, it is a pleasure to tune in and take that ride.

So. I had my collection of seeds growing and I put them in a basket.


But I didn't like it. It didn't work, it simply held the seeds in one place. But was sloppy for my mind.
This became unorganized and confusing as I would go through them to find what I needed to plant and when, what was already planted and what needed to go in soon.....I don't like being unorganized, I can't think that way. I need organization, the kind that helps one to think and work in productive ways, efficiently and effortlessly.
So I thought I'd organize my seeds into ''those I've planted'', ''those I have yet to plant'', ''those to plant in Spring for Fall'', and ''those to plant in Fall for Spring''.....general rules that can be bent here quite a bit because it is so warm.

I thought I'd look for a couple of box organizers or something from office sections, so I went to Home Goods. Eureka! I found something perfect and though it cost alot more than what I wanted to spend, I had a credit there and well....when something is perfect, its perfect. I didn't even have to paint it.

It has pockets for labels such as ''those I've planted'', ''those yet to plant'', ''those for Fall'', ''Spring'' etc.....I will work on it.

 I added the seeds I had, and I'm getting more delivered soon, but I sectioned them into ''veggies'', ''flowers'', ''those planted'' and ''those yet to be planted''.  The other two sections will be for ''those to plant for Spring'', and ''those to plant for Fall'' :D.

The drawer I am using to hold the labels and markers and anything else I use for seeds stuff, like paper clips I use to keep the seed packets I've opened sealed.

I love this.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Oh boy! Wish you made house calls!! How pretty! William Morris would have approved!

    1. I wish I could make house calls lolol.....who is William Morris?

  2. Feels good to be organized, especially like when I've cleaned up my closet and everything looks so neat and orderly. Home Goods is such an great place to shop, one of my favorites.
    I'm sure your garden will be awesome once it gets going with the new plantings.
    So happy to see you are posting again my friend, I missed you.

    1. Organized is important, nothing worse then spending precious time looking for things. I know where everything is.....most of the time ;-/
      and when I don't its annoying. I do hope these gardens are full and lush by summer, and looking awesome too.

  3. He designed the lovely English wallpaper, lots of examples on line and he said items should be useful or beautiful to have in the home, also his idea is to be found online! Kind of vague, but it's that kind of day!

  4. Well hello again, lovely lady! You´ve described in such a beautiful way the rhythms of Mother Nature which we should follow every time, not only when planting... oh, and I love your new seed organizer too!!! I wish I was as organized as you, it would make my daily life pretty much easier LOL
    You see, I´m reconnecting with the cycles of Nature too, though my own way; and so I´ve come to understand, for instance, that not only the seasons but also the Moon phases have a great influence in my mood... I guess we will feel a lot better when we learn to live less in the World´s time and more in the Spirit´s!
    I hope you´re doing really better from your health challenges, and promise to write to you asap. I really have missed you girl!
    Warmest hugs and blessings from the tiniest corner of the world

    1. Hi there :D
      I'm glad to hear you are reconnecting with Nature's cycles and I hope you are feeling better for it.
      I am still challenged, this may take a while.
      I do less during the day, but the day goes faster, how is that? But I've overcome things before and will do so again.
      In Addition getting 'over' my love bite has been difficult.

  5. your are beautifully organized...

    I am not the gardening person. my husband is. he loves to start things from seed, also.

    being up in the land of snow and ice, he is still in the what will I plant? stage though. but he has loads of catalogs, from healthy seed places.

    gentle hugs,

  6. Dearest Lady, how happy I am to be visiting you again. And you continue to teach and inspire despite the challenges. I pray things are improving.
    Living according to Nature's cycles versus man's ridiculous clock is one of the keys to staying sane, I believe. ;)
    Your new seed organizer is that store. That is my goal as well....heirloom seeds only. Amen to quality over go mama! :)
    Thinking of you and sending lots of love....
    ~ Irina ♡

    1. And how happy I am to see you!....
      things are....well.....evolving....lolol.....I am changing my plan again....a must until I find one that works, so we shall see, but psychologically I feel better so that's a huge plus.
      Yes, staying sane, is to follow natural cycles. Time is toxic.
      Heirloom seeds, love them, but they are taking so very long to grow before I can plant them, I am challenged waiting for the cycles to show up. In the meantime, I have no flowers yet, must wait until summer. This is the thing, having to wait months for flowers when I used to go buy them, however, I AM wanting the natural ones, longer lasting and heirlooms as I must teach myself patience.
      Thank you for your love and thoughts, Irina, really, I appreciate them very much. warmest hugs, Serena


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