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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tea At Dawn

It was early, still a bit dark, with a delicious air of coolness surrounding this village.
It was Quiet, no humming of machinery or air conditioners, no cars, no traffic, no planes.......quiet, cool and twilight......yuuummmmmm.

I got up early because my guest absolutely needs to have something hot to drink in the morning. Her favorite tea was at her home far away but I knew I had something here, something, that would satisfy this delightfully finicky connoisseur. :D

First I would need to set a beautiful place. I decided upon wooden bowls to drink the teas. Then of course wooden spoons would be necessary, for the honey. The bowls needed a place to sit on and I chose the Indonesian plates. It still looked a little bare to me so I went out and cut two pothos leaves to sit beneath the bowls, placed on one side so the spoon could lie on the plate too.

Flowers, of course, yes......I looked up at my collection of vases and bowls and found 2 small ceramic vases perfect for each place. I went outside to find flowers to fill them with and I found a few blooms of jasmine, pale pink hibiscus and purple bougainvilleas. The scent of the jasmine filled the kitchen. *smiles*
I set the small honey jar on a coconut dish with tiny feet and added a pale pink bloom next to it.....a glittered pine cone, and a small slab of tree trunk with air plants, just because..........this was going to be a beautiful tea.

I looked around the home and in this twilight hour there is nothing more comforting and enchanting as candlelight. I lit around half a dozen candles all around the house and one for the kitchen table. The lighting was beautiful.


When Rosangela got up and came out of her room, she stood looking around and said how beautiful everything was. The candles had done their magic. She saw the table and said "how beautiful it all is!" Such simple things, evokes such joy and is a glorious way to begin ones morning.....our first sites of glowing firelight, beautiful table settings, and the scent of Jasmine.

After she observed the settings and ambiance, I said ''good morning''.........she smiled in gratitude for beginning her day this way.......this was for her. She sat down regally, like a Queen with great dignity.



Now it is time for making the tea. I added the hot water to the French press. For the tea I chose organic orange blossom blend with fresh garden mint. This simply HAD to be divine! There was also half a sprig of madagascar vanilla bean sitting there left over from yesterday's Raw Mexican Hot Chocolate Drink, I threw that in too.
Tea is in a French press so that the blossoming of the tea and colors can be seen. I added the water and timed it for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, I inhaled it and was spiritually taken.......a perfect composition of teas, flavors and scents.
Rosangela added her honey to her bowl and I slowly and carefully poured the tea in a thin stream, over her spoon to melt the honey off it. Then I did mine. When we smelled and inhaled the fragrances, we were both transported to heaven. The steam from the bowls was enticing and she held her face over it for a mini facial steam.



We took our first sips, and could only marvel at the perfection of the teas, its medicinal effects upon our spirits. She said she could feel it moving down through her body, down deep, into her organs. I could too. She felt it in her lungs and was breathing deeply.

Good morning Rosangela :D




It was a beautiful tea. Thank you Rosangela for giving me this opportunity to create a splendid memory.


 Flower of the moment is the Black Calla Lilly, the richness is sublime!

Tomorrow we will be enjoying some beautiful Earl Grey Orange & Chocolate Cinnamon Buns
freshly baked by me.....but, these are not just any Cinnamon Buns, this is a special recipe, specific for those who are sensitive, gluten free, and free of all allergens.....and filled only with the deliciousness of flavors of the healthy natural world......these are all organic......can't wait!


  1. What a beautiful way, to greet your friend!

    And what beautiful memories you made. For you and for her.


    1. It was indeed a ''perfect tea''.....a good memory yes, thank you :D

  2. Yay..super beautiful enchanting..charming and magical Everything looks o gorgeous and meditative..blissful..thanks for sharing and shining your magic!

    1. Thank you Victoria, but the pics didn't come out at all how it looks in person with candle glow, but still, one gets the idea....the scents, the flavors,....wonderful. Thanks for visiting.

  3. What a delight and inspiration! In the process of a few household changes, interior and hopefully exterior. But to take the time and fill my spare time with lovely respites would indeed feel so wonderful. I appreciate how you find beauty in your surroundings and incorporate your own touches. Here's to a Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Mary Anne Komar :-). I find it helps when one has someone to do this for them if they are not doing it themselves.....then the full impact of the experience is felt, and then any ''habit'' can become a ritual of can become a tradition.

  4. So, SO beautiful! It almost made me want to drink is my preference in the morning, I'm afraid.

    1. My first convert from die-hard coffee to incorporating tea, was a ''never drink tea, thank you'' person never knows....when you drink the right ones.....with all the many thousands of flavors and compositions in the Green Kingdoms there is something in the world of tea for everyone, for any time of day. :D I find English Breakfast tea which is loaded with caffeine, works the same as coffee, if the rush is what one is going for.....but experiment, you will definitely find enjoyment. I drink tea for many reasons....and there are many teas for many reasons.

  5. Beautiful soul,

    Thank you for coming today. I will find my rhythm, I really will. It's been waiting for me, knocking at my heart. But I've been too busy with blogging that I have not opened my heart to it. But what I will truly miss is the people. Much love, Anita

  6. Oh how wonderful!! Can I come to tea? I have not used my french press for tea. Can you give me some advice for using it? Thank you for the experience

    1. Susan sorry for the delay, my guest was still here, in and out. But yes I can give you some tips if you like, it is delightfully simple really. I first experienced tea in a French Press at a good restaurant when I ordered their Shanghai Rose Tea. The glass highlight the blossoms floating and opening, to watch this was magical, I never forgot it. I bought a French Press at Home Goods and I buy loose leaf teas, organic, in tins. If just for me, I put a fat teaspoon of tea into the French Press, then add boiled water and steep for 3-5 minutes, that is all. I add honey and its ready to drink. Almost any loose leaf tea will work. :-) You can buy rose blossoms from Health food stores and add them to your tea to see this unfold. Enjoy.

  7. This...THIS is the art of living, dear Enchantress...thank you for sharing your gifts with us...
    You and your friend partaking in this magical and healing ritual, what a blessing! Gorgeous...I can almost smell that glorious elixir...
    I also use a clear tea seeing the color of the tea... :) I can't believe it's been so long since my last visit here....but you know I am thinking of you....especially when sipping on my rose tea... :)
    Hopefully, I'm coming out of this "slumber".
    Wishes for health, love, and laughter.... :)

    1. Yes, I agree. And that no matter what....the ART in Living, is necessary, to bring in to ones senses the Beauty that is always waiting to be enjoyed. Even in pain and sickness, the ART increases its necessity.
      The day I do routine things in a mundane way, I will know my soul has gone by the wayside. I continue to do routine things in magical ways, and this....this ..... as you say, is the art of living. Thank you ever so much for your bubbly presence.


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