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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Simple and Quiet Season

Seasons Greetings Lovelies,

Just wanting to share some pictures I took around the house and gardens, seasonal things and some just for fun.

I only knew I wanted fresh greenery for the season, nothing too decorated, just fresh greens. It is a quiet sense of purity and livingness I love. I found all the greenery I needed in Trader Joe's on my first visit there, what a joyful day that was! ;D

Window boxes planted with baby plants, pansies, ivy, begonias, coleus and sweet potatoe vine cuttings, and fern.This should take all season to fill out which will be really nice.


My Secret Garden beneath my bedroom window. Finally I think I got it right with the right plants for the right lighting, these should stay small.

 I love the pink poinsettias with the plum coleus together.

I wanted pinks, plums, and silver colors.

The Christmas not what I would have bought, and I got a bit depressed when I saw it. The housemate got this and I didn't think I could redeem it, but I frosted it, added a strand of lights and a few glass balls......glittered pine cones around the base. I will always have pine cones around, I just love them.

The very long.....11 feet long.  I added an extra strand of lights, a boxwood wreath with simple snowflakes on it, Hebe Cupressoides evergreens, and pine garland. 


 I didn't do much this season, but I did want the bottle brush trees out, I just love them.

After looking at the trees for a week I decided one day to glitter a few of them, am glad I did! Nothing like sparkle!! :D


My room got a small tree as last year. But the new thing is an adorable Victorian Santa in Pinks from the thrift store.

 He appears to be singing :D.........and he himself seems to be decked with all kinds of things! I didn't need much more...I still have yet to investigate all he is carrying on him.

Even from the back he is resplendent :D....glitter and him.

A beautiful small flowering plant, Winter Wonder campanula.....Trader Joe's carries different things I love to see.

Outside the front veggie patch is doing great. The orange tree finally got planted and around it I planted mustards which are giant now, the collards in the back growing slowly but can grow to 6 feet like the last ones I had and last a few years. And in the front are 4 cabbages doing very nicely....the lush healthy greenery makes me so happy, and I love juicing them.

I love the pink poinsettias so much I bought extra to make hanging baskets for the front porch.

In the back yard where I used to have full sun even in the winter, I realized the mango tree grew so much the past year it shades the entire back yard now, so it will have to be trimmed to have the sun I need to grow the veggies and flowers I want. I bought all heirloom seeds, but they have to wait until the tree is trimmed.
The rabbits were eating everything I planted and I had to cover the cabbages here with cloches. 


 This is my favorite hanging basket now, it is rather big, maybe 22 inches across. I love the colors.

Thanks for visiting.
 I wish for you all a healthy and happy, peaceful and abundant season and Holiday.

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  1. All is charming! I love that white mantel with all the magic lights, etc. You've created a most enchanted Holiday!

    1. Thank you for visiting and comment. Have a beautiful Holiday :-)

  2. Oh how fun you can grow all of these wonderful things year round... I love seeing Christmas in your part of the country... your decorations are all simply enchanting!... your pink Santa is so adorable, and I really do love your little live tree... Merry Christmas to you!... xoxo... Julie Marie

    1. Thank you Julie, and have a Lovely Christmas too :-)

  3. I love the Winter Wonderland look in your Christmas decorating. I used that same look in my decorating this year. I am your newest follower.

    1. I love the whites so very much lately, can't get enough. I truly want a larger space, more and larger windows and more whites :D. Thank you for following. Have a lovely Christmas.

  4. Oh my your garden is joyous! Here in the Pacific Northwest, well it can be lacking bright flower color outside. The beautiful White Swans from the Arctic are here and make up for the lack of flowers! Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh! I can just imagine the Swans! I remember the first time I saw a real one....I was in Switzerland in my ex's old home and on the 2nd story I went to the window and saw the largest white wing span cross my eyes and it landed in the canal right in front of the house...I was so enthralled and enchanted by those huge white birds.....they are the perfect ''flower'' for the winter, absolutely! :D

  5. Just beautiful! You certainly have a way with plants. I also love the pink poinsettias with the purple coleus. Stunning combination. Your mantel is breathtaking! Merry, merry and happy happy to you and the housemate.

    1. Thank you Barbara F, and the same Happy Happy Christmas to you too :D

  6. So very beautiful and so very you.

    Oh all the sparkle! What could be better?

    Your precious pink Santa! Seems he is carrying parts of the "12 Days of Christmas"... ,-)

    Did I say, how much I love your sparkle???? ,-) Yes I did!

    Happy Eve of Yule,
    'Miss' Tessa~

    1. Sparkle yes, we love it don't we lolol....and I have to look into that 12 Days of Christmas, but I think you are right! Thank you.

  7. Yes are an Enchantress.... :)
    Those are the colors I am crazy for....the soft peachy-pinks, greens...creams...delicious. Magical....
    And your Santa is gorgeous and kind and delightful...enjoy, enjoy!!!

  8. Your Christmas looks are very pretty! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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