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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Monday, June 2, 2014

SeaWashed "Sophie"

Hello Bloglandia......

I  just wanted to share a beauty, a gift I received from a gentle soul, a  Painter of the Sea, Kerrie Sanderson  who sent me the prettiest of paintings, perfect for my sanctuary, my palette and my love of beauty....of flowers, in this case roses.....and of the selection she has, this is truly my favorite :D thank you from my heart of roses, Kerrie!

I don't know if its in ''good taste'' or not to say, but I'm going to anyway because it is what happened and it is so much part of this story......
She gifted me this gentle image in return for something I gifted her with, because one day she commented how she loved the perfectly aqua roses on the plates I had found while thrifting and she said in that way when we see something we love that ''we want it''.... lol . That was enough for me....for what beauty shouldn't be gifted if someone wants it? It was easy enough to do.
I sent a few to her and I received this beauty in return.....I love blogland and the beautiful souls we meet here and the gifts exchanged between women whom we have never met nor even spoken to......the Heart of Women is the Balm of Soul.

I thank Kerrie for her perfect beauty, talent and gift to my Sanctuary of White.
And Kerrie,  Sophie moved around with me as I went from my bedroom to the middle room to sleep for several weeks as we got natural ''organic'' termite treatments, no fumigation for this house and even the termite inspectors advised against tenting because of all the vegetation and even they hated to see it all die with the tenting process, and no way was I going for that...... so while my room was being treated I brought from my room some beloved things to keep me company as I slept in the middle room, and they were my Rachel Ashwell bedding of course, a crystal candleholder which sparkles, both Madonna's and "Sophie" ....yes, Kerrie, I love it that much that it moves around with me when I want that vibe of peace, beauty, gentle touches and gifts of the heart.

"Sophie" is sitting in my new IKEA wall unit, which replaced one small bamboo one I loved, alas, it had to go. Please do check out Kerrie's paintings, she does beautiful doves too which I think I need one, hopefully a pair of doves in a single painting? : -)


This new unit is rather plain, very "ikea" but larger and I will have to dress it up when I feel creative again, but just adding crystal knobs makes a difference, as there were none for these doors have a push to open/press to close feature.....but it needed some bling......
Inside is the little bag of treasures, knobs! lol, I picked up from Home Goods years ago for I knew one day I'd need to change out boring ones and so I bought two little packages of crystal knobs {shabby? Victorian?} in clear and light pink....never knowing when or how I'd use them and now I love that I did that!

I have 4 clear ones which are working perfectly to replace small black ones from a computer desk {below} I also got from IKEA to replace a huge desk which took up a quarter of this whole room and yet had no place for storage. This new desk allows me to sit at a desk, to open up and close when I'm done and to store things using up perfectly good wall space! Will post soon on this.

But here is my wall unit now, storing things I love, not willing to part with.

I have decided that I'm never coming out of my Winter Hiatus of this past year, and that I'm only going to prepare more for what is now my ''Eternal Hiatus'' in better ways. Lest anyone think I'm hiding from the ''real world'' know that I see it differently.....the ''real world'' is horrid and I am not just hiding from it but avoiding it at all costs and living in a world of my own which I create, which is far more beautiful, and peaceful, safe and clean, and anyone who comes {which lately have been mostly blue collar men} has something to say about this place here and its vibe and beauty and some take pictures.....and so I must be doing something right, so My Eternal Hiatus it is!
And since I can only do pictures these days as reading words seem to fry my brain, I thought beautiful books of pictures which numbers in the millions these days would be perfect. And what is also perfect is that I am perfectly in the mood for the Victoria of Old as when Nancy Lindemeyer was editor and in the 80's her magazine was such a needed literary and artistic balm for the Graceful Woman's Soul....she put out a series of books and amazon has all those books now for one penny :D:D:D and I bought for one penny every one I wanted in one day, so as to have a collection of beauty and grace to read and fuel my mind and heart last thing before bed every night. I now go to sleep in the proper frame of mind and heart with images of beauty and grace before me to fuel my creative muse just in case she decides to get up and do something like that  again......I would lovingly suggest everyone get onto amazon and get their collection of such beautyful picture books asap.......

I also picked up a lamp I fell in love with in IKEA, you can see it on the right there below ,  as it is made of the softest cotton shade and I love these tall floor lamps as they give the room a lovely glow.....I have a similar one in the middle room and I love the lighting but when I saw this one covered with white fabric with little scalloped pleating at the bottom with buttons, it was perfect for my room.

Some laundry one day.....busy as a bee and walking in and out doing a hundred different things in a day, and suddenly a vision of beauty and serenity hits one, makes one stop in ones tracks and stops our timeclock....we are frozen within the image of the moment, a long moment.....I loved what I saw with the sun behind it....and the feeling of fresh and clean and sun......and flowers, and all it's promises .......especially when I lay my head down to rest later in the dark evening.

blessings of health, love, beauty and peace to you all.

sharing this with Shabbilicious Friday


  1. It is just lovely Lady...I am grateful it brings peace to your sanctuary and heart. I did not know you had termites! Oh dear Lord. How did you survive them bombing your home with all the poisons??? I've always told my hubby that I could never have our home bombed, but rather we would just have to move. Obviously, you have made it through and it has lead you to re-nest and fluff your cottage. I love that desk unit you got from really is easy to make Ikea furniture pretty and it is just so affordable. I see Ikea pieces all the time in my favorite magazine Jeanne d arc Living...they really know how to use Ikea furniture and homewares right for that lovely french nordic country style look.

    But I am with you on missing the Old Victoria magazines. I have my collection of them that I continue to preuse because I just do not care for the new one. So did they put the Old issues in books? and that is what you bought for a penny each??? I will have to look into this. Your home reminds me of the pages in the Old Victoria publications.

    And as for those lovely lovely aqua rose dishes you sent, I am saving them to use in our Vintage Cottage Camper The Pearl! We haven't been able to restore her yet, but are going to try and camp anyway this summer near by and they are perfect for her. I have wanted pretty china for her for so long. Thank you again sweet one for your ever so gentle kindness.

    Your laundry sings a Summer song...

  2. Oh sweet friend, I just adore Kerrie. She is a talented painter and lover of the gentle things, isn't she! I have been on the run from work to meetings, but I have NOT forgotten our mission for a table candelabra! I hope you are well! I am better, and this is my last week of school and am I ever glad. Our garden is brimming in white, puffy flowers, lush green boxwoods, and we are getting a lot of rain that is truly a blessing. I wish you another week of peace and enjoyment as you savor the love and kindness of others. BLESSINGS! Anita

    1. Yes Anita, she is, and thank you too for remembering me, though I must admit I found a small one on ebay 3 holders with an epergne holder which was hysterical the process of finding out what that part was for but now that I do know, I need 2 epergne vases for it. I could use another small candelabra, and if you can send those pics do so when it is easy for you :D
      I am savoring the blessings, there are many.
      Your puffy garden sounds delightful....I'm working on a puffy one here lol.

  3. I love your new painting! It looks just perfect in your home. I love that picture of your laundry on the line too :)

  4. Your home is just beautiful. There is something about the serenity of white that is like living in a cloud. Total peace. I have boxes of the Victoria magazines from years ago. I could not stand to part with them so I boxed them up and every once in a while when the day is just right I take them out and spend hours looking through them again. Those are some of my favorite days.
    I love your site its so calming and your words ring true to a place in my heart that wishes more people spoke this language.

    1. My home is a work in progress, an expression of what is in my heart and soul, what needs to be turned inside to outside so I can breathe better in a harsh world. I regret gettting rid of my Boxed Sets of Victoria Magazine of the old days! I even had their boxes for each year, I had three which held 12 issues, the best in my opinion. And I just gave it away, I do that doing it again now decades later with other things and hope I don't regret them either. I've been trying to get lots of old Victoria Mags from the 80's but they seem to be more expensive than the newer ones. Yes my favorite days too were those Victoria days and when I could feel like I lived my life through them as they expressed me so perfectly, then putting the magazine down.....oy! what IS this place?! LOLOL

      I will speak this language and so be ''the more'' your heart wishes for....:-) and who knows who will come on board.....and then we shall have more and more :D
      how's that? [giggles]

  5. I am treating myself here, catching up with you. Really, it always feels like a special blessing of a treat.
    Kerrie's painting is so beautiful! Calming colors....just lovely....
    Yes, the generosity of bloglandia friends can be magical. ;)
    Your shelves, dear Lady, look like mine...stocked with Victoria books! I miss the "old" Victoria as well...and am also chiding myself for getting rid of my copies...years and years of them. And of course...getting them back through ebay...haha
    Crystal knobs are everywhere in my home as well....
    The thrill of lace...white, cream, ecru.....I am dreaming.... :)
    Hugs to you, dear one...
    - Irina


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