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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Loungewear, Spiritual Sensitivity and Flowers

Hello Everyone,

It is rainy, cloudy, noisey, breezy, ..... undecipherable, really, but bougainvillea's are blooming!

This post is a mix of several things, but here I go anyway.
Today I was sent a post to read this afternoon by my friend Ka, and it was sooooo appropriate and well written, and rich with Spirit, that I was blown away at how much I've missed this conscious interaction with it.
What is Spirit? how do we interact with our own?

I am on a journey and this article seemed to be written just for me. I will link it here called Being A Highly Sensitive Person and Survival Tips by Monica of The White Bench blog, in case link doesn't work google it..

I have to say I follow all those "tips" which I've figured out on my own by now, and several I've added too.
It was very well written by a woman who lives with full blown senses, and could only be written about with that kind of beauty of deep experience.
Synchronistically, while I was bathing this morning, I realized I needed to write that article finally, on what it means to be an Empath, HSP, and Living Transmuter....this has been on my mind to do for 2 years and I don't want to put it off any more. This article being sent to me today was a reminder after this morning's inspiration which I had already forgotten about.....again! But now I will remain inspired and put my thoughts and spirit to action.

Bloglandia, or bloggywood :D:D:D as my friend calls it lolol, doesn't speak to the Spirit too much and I believe I need to find more bloggers who do because I want to spend my time more richly, from the inside out and I'd love if anyone can send me those blogs who speak with poetry, experience and Spirit! thank you!

I'm again realizing on yet deeper levels that I need to nourish what so very delicately calls for attention, but which can cause great discord if ignored, and that is the Soul/Spirit. I also want to immerse myself even more into a Higher Octave of to do that remains to be seen, but this one must come from the inside out, rather than the outside in. I think spending long seasons in "loungewear" is conducive to learning this language of Soul Speak and finding a fun way of expression in my outer world. Even though some people think I live in a monastery, I still need a different kind of quiet that reaches far more deeply than merely lack of sound to do some spiritual retrieval, or soul retrieval. But my dearest friend Pammie went through it, and I'm sure many many other people are, and she is still in it but on the better side out of it and wiser for it too.
Anyway, I am making this post for a couple of people who asked me to literally take pictures of my new pj's, or as I prefer to call them ''loungewear''.
What is great is that I received my Kimono's today in the mail all the way from Japan. I bought them on ebay, even John bought three! for himself, and actually wore the one that came in so far. But they are being sold so cheaply it is heartbreaking really that such unique and hand made garments rich with culture, history and dignity are being sold for so little!......I've always loved them and it is so much more beautiful in person! I'm in love with it.

Hand painted detail......I do wonder who sat and painted this, what she was like, what her thoughts were as she sat for hours working on this garment? how was this garment used? were they happy?

on one shoulder, more flowers.......such beautiful Spring colors.....

Last week I went to TJ MaXX and found a couple of things, and with what I already have, I should be good for 6 months in ''lounge clothes'' LOL..... so here are a couple of slightly blurry pics, and some lovely flowers.

I'm calling this my "gray suit" because it is that tailor male style which I generally abhor, but I got it because it was gray which I'm loving alot lately, with flowers and a touch of lace, and I could wear the pieces differently. I added a flowing nighty of course.....can't have all square lines!

My next piece on the blogger runway, :D, is something I thought was so sweet, but looks entirely Granny!!!
I almost returned it but decided to keep it because it is soft and I do love the print....its so cozy and prairie like, and I can wear a skirt under it. In this case I have some gray pants with crochet trims I added myself for interest.

I tell you people, excepting for the Kimono, I cannot think of anything more boring than my ''loungewear'' but to make those beloved soul sisters of mine happy, there are your pics LOLOL......K' now??

I did finally get my hair trimmed, and the hair guy nearly choked when I told him I wanted a full 10 inches taken off! He kept asking if I was sure, and I said yes! My hair is still very long, to the middle of my back, so I'm was really really long, to my derriere and now I can wear it in most of the styles I prefer anyway, and 90% of the time, its a Messy French Bun, which looks alot like this one

    but I like to wear a few flowers tucked in. 

last preview of the now ''famous gray suit'' LOLOL !!!!

But my Kimono rocks.....I have one more coming....

Now on to the beautiful flowers I got this week, blue delphinium!


But Wait! there's more lolol! John JUST brought home some
                   P E O N I E S  !!

I just added them to the delphinium......I took the picture with flash because it was dark by now...... but the blue shows up alot better!

 I wonder if anyone has noticed that I keep some Mother of Pearl flatware in a crystal vase?? I will have to tell that tale soon.....ish.......but I am very much in love with my Mother of Pearl cutlery!

I got up late in the middle of the night and saw THIS !!!

 one of them blasted open!

 I'm in love with electric blue delphinium and white peonies together..........sigghhhhhhhhhhh  

In my room, I cut some of the bougainvilleas which are all in bloom again, not entirely filled out, but I have many in various colors, and they work well in vases, much to my delight and joy!!!

 magenta, purple and white/pink blend look beautiful

 with flash.....

 love the sparkles in this one.....

Peace and Candlelight in the living room.........feels very serene in here:

Thanks for visiting, see you soon.....ish....and wishing you all Spiritual Serenity.

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  1. Oh to have peonies this time of year.....sigh! The delphs are gorgeous too. I love blue ones the best.
    I really love your new lounge wear my dear. Of course I love the little granny print best. I call my granny prints 'granny chic' these days. My daughters all say that whenever they see anything floral they think of me. I don't think that will ever change.
    Such a lovely post... and I loved reading about your continuing quest for more Spirit in you life.
    hugs from here...

    1. Hi June, so nice to see you here again. Glad you love my ''lounge wear" lol...and the granny print is something I will have to think of more as prairie/country rather than granny because I am neither granny nor mommy... :D
      Floral prints though are one of my favorites, and I just bought a floral print to make something, not sure what yet.
      Yes, more spirit, more love.

  2. My mother always did love the bougainvillea ~ We once lived across from an old home w/acres of advacados (sp) growing that had a huge bougainvillea vine, it was so big, it looked to be 50 years old to me! And my mother would look out at the flowers and just sigh, she loved the view so! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! It brings back good memories.

    1. I'm loving bougainvillea more than ever now because it is the one thing that does well, flowers in brilliant colors and doesn't need much water, and we must do with what does well. Thank you for commenting, much appreciated.

  3. I live in my PJ's--people stop over and think I have been napping--I just like to be comfortable! Your flowers are so beautiful--everything is dead and frozen here and I so miss my flowers :) Also, your mantle looks perfect--I just love it! So peaceful and beautiful :)

    1. oh, so glad to hear that LOL...
      another peony opened, they are marvelous! I just took a pic of the opened one and added it...I could not believe how it opened like that in just hours. I love the mantle too, very much, thank you for commenting.

  4. The perfect blogger's wardrobe! *smile* And a luscious table. It all looking shining and festive here. Thanks so much for visitng my little bulb garden! I was surprised to find how inexpensive they were. I think mine were on sale too. Makes it easy to risk doing something new! haha!

    1. I was so determined to get some bulbs this year that right after reading your post I went to Lowes and they had Xmas tress but not a single bulb of any kind anywhere. I truly did not feel like going out, nor driving, so it was a heroic effort and no bulbs and I think I may have to make a trip to Home Depot to see if they have any, we have few nurseries who sell them at reasonable prices, because I cannot have just one or two! I must have many....I got spoiled over the years having so many growing, that one pot in the house looks alone and sad :D
      Perfect bloggers wardrobe lol probably truly is! :D

  5. Oooh I love your blog and your beautiful light and flower-filled pictures, along with the loungewear chic. It's so important to be COMFORTABLE! Why women have embraced restrictive, tight-fitting clothing is hard to understand. Thank you for the beauty and inspiration, all around. <3

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely flowers!

  7. I liked the fashion show. Your hair I beautiful.

  8. I don't know how you do it, but each and every posts speaks to and inspires my soul, dear fellow empath and HSP!! :))))
    The kimono!! Oh my.... I used to have a beautiful pink printed kimono robe from the Metropolitan Museum of Art shop....I wore it to a threadbare state....there is something so glorious and pampering about this garment. It wasn't the real thing, but I can imagine! And yours is gorgeous! I love the peaceful colors, and the hand painted work is so special....
    As for your lounging cozies, I love them all...what a great idea to pair with a flowy nightie underneath...insipiring, I tell you! :)
    Now for the flowers....bliss.....peonies are regal...very fitting for you. ;)
    And I noticed you lovely pink butter holder! As well as the mother of pearl....LOVE.
    And your hair was that long??? Wow!! :)) Enchanting!! You are very brave to cut so much...but you love it now, so that is wonderful.....
    Ok, now to the deep stuff... :).... I would love to read your personal tips on being an empath/HSP. The link, unfortunately, does not work, but I have read Elaine Aron's book twice.
    Making time for Spirit, connecting with it on a daily basis, having beauty around us...making our homes a HAVEN....
    I only discovered that this is what my "issue" is a few years ago, when a friend recommended the book. Anyway, I feel very blessed to have found such a special fellow soul sister....thank you!! Ok, now to your newest post, chere belle femme mystique!! :)
    Hugs and blessings,
    - Irina

    1. well bubbles,, how I do it is that WE do it as kindred spirits,.....the lights begin to go on in my own head now bubbles,.....humm....some things explained!

      Yes the empathic nature is something I learned not to speak of, I rarely do except that now I feel there are more of us than originally thought and we need to be in society seen and welcomed, not hidden and seeking safety. And this I say lolol on the heels of running home after attempting to go to a few stores in DECEMBER of all times!! I could not take it, got nothing and came home as fast as I could, I will need the rest of this day to recuperate from that experience. I did pick up a few apothecary and candy jars for storage from the thrift for five dollars. :D I am giving up on going out this month totally now, literally. I must stay home.

      Kimono's, yes a luxury and I imagine a pink one being so nice, and I want to make one in cotton.....but I must feel creative again and these days I am trying to cope, and learn to live with a situation.
      My favorite place in New York is the Met ! love it!

      Yes my hair was that long, I always keep it long and it grows fast. It is still very long. :D but now I can work with it, before I could not. If it were thick I'd keep it that long and wear it in braids but my hair is fine, it needs to be shorter, and layered for body.

      So yes, home is HAVEN . sigh.....yes, Haven is Home.....and now I will lie down and watch Cinderella 111 which I've never seen yet.....yes I love fairy tales. And yes I'm going to be spending months in my loungewear, with only books and more work on the outside or looking at it either.....spending time cleansing my body, detoxing body and mind and spirit. Much has happened lately including a break with a ''friend' and this has caused some extra disturbance, but I will recover shortly.

      I saw Anita's post today and now finally after all this time I feel I need those wings just like Anita has in her pictures, I cannot get them out of my mind. I think I need to fill my room with white feathered wings!!

      I fixed the link Embracing my being a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and Survival Tips. so you can see it. I'd like to hear your stories and experiences about being highly sensitive....a thing I consider to be most exquisite actually, a refinement and sophistication of the Spirit. Which when manifested to a higher degree in will find them sensitive. The absence of spirit makes people harsh.
      I have not read that book, maybe I should. I am glad you found me ! LOLOL....
      stay in touch, I need and love my daily effervescence!
      warmest hugs


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