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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vanilla Cream Chai in French Press

Hello Everyone,

I'm up early these days, and early to bed too......less time online because the PC is slowing down and I don't like waiting for technology. I'd rather watch the grass grow :D

But today I have a treat for you, confirmed by my second pot! yes indeedy doo, this is delish and I believe I came up with it all by my lonesome, but I'm sure its not original because there is nothing new under the sun, right? :D

This is a beautiful creamy warming comforting and luxuriant drink I call Vanilla Cream Chai I want to share with you. I've been craving pure cream for some reason and I wanted to find something that I love to make that is not coffee because its energy makes my hands shake, it makes me jittery in the most uncomfortable way, and I don't need anything to speed me up I need something to slow me down.

I remembered my beloved Masala Chai which means Tea of Spices....Chai means ''tea'' in India and Masala means the spices it is made of. It is my favorite tea of all time and I make my own blend. But in this case I used a premade one I had from a variety box of teas exactly like this one.......

I used Tazo Organic Chai             

It is a blend of spices in a tea, using cardamon, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel. and/or a few other spices depending on what a person likes in it. Some add black tea, some dont.

My French Press by the way, is proving to be wonderful for actually making coffee! lolol but that's another post. I have been using it for years to make teas, especially the artful blends with flower petals because it is beautiful to see them floating around in the pot, unfurling, and expanding, and colors becoming softer...... and yet the strainer keeps them out when you pour, such simple perfection! I got this idea from a really nice restaurant I went to where they served the Shanghai Rose Tea in individual sized French Presses and I was stunned with its beauty.

For the Vanilla Cream Chai :
I make a strong tea with 3 bags, putting the bags in the press and adding hot nearly boiled water then add the plunger to the level of water. As that steeps, to a small pot on the stove I add a cup of organic heavy cream on medium heat. I add to the cream 3 teaspoons, you use how much you like, of organic sugar and 2 teaspoons of organic vanilla extract and stir until its very hot. I like to make it a bit frothy with a bamboo frother, but its not necessary. When this is hot, I add it to the French Press leaving the tea bags in there because I like the tea strong.

 I mix by gently plunging the mixture a few times, I have just enough in the press to make a full mug full.......:D You can see the teabags beneath the plunger.

 then pour into a beautiful creamy white mug....any color actually, I'm just being partial to mine lolol.

I top it off with a mixture (optional)  I happen to have left over from a non bake Tiramisu (post coming soon)  I made the other day yum O!~.....a mixture of organic cocoa powder, cinnamon and sugar....and Voila! Luxury in a Mug!


I love this drink because it doesn't give me the jitters, it is creamy, hot and comforting. Its gorgeous!

I think this can be a "white post" for White Wednesdays ! LOL 
And!!! ......see these pumpkins below??? they have to be the oldest living pumpkins in the world.....

These are the very same pumpkins housemate brought home last October when I redid my bedroom!

[See those beautiful pearl gray walls?? I still love them! :D:D:D Great background for lots of white linens.]

with only a few brown spots on them!, they are amazing, I've never seen pumpkins last this long!


Here they are creamy white, from last XMas in my bedroom.

This pic is from today, They stay in my room on top of mercury glass candle holders since I have finished my room.

Nature amazes me all the time........

And just before the light of morning, I saw gorgeous pink bougainvillea against the white fence, beautiful.

I just saw something whimsical in this picture....the stenciling points each lead to a cluster of pink flowers! LOL....fairies are at play!

Have a beautiful week!

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  1. Wowness...what a super beautiful post!Your gorgeous tea time looks divine and so elegant and decadent! I love using my french press for tea as well.Thanks for the lovely recipes! And your festive decor magical! I have enjoyed my visit here in your enchanted space..Blessings kindred!

  2. The chai sounds delish! It even looks pretty. I'm so glad you shared how you made it.
    I had no idea that the little pumpkins could last throughout a whole year. I can't wait to see if I can get mine to last too.

  3. MMMmmmmm! Your newest concoction sounds delicious. The cream must make it divine. I make my own homemade chai as well, but I don't have a French press. I think I would like to try one too. If I am lucky to have fresh milk from a nearby farm, with plenty of cream, I would like to give your recipe a try. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Those must be magical pumpkins! Amazing!

  4. Oh, my...the tea sounds so delicious. I must try this...I have no press but maybe can make it work anyway. :)
    I am your 130th Google Friends Connect follower...hope you follow back. :)
    Over from Home and Garden.

  5. Mmmmmm.....that vanilla chai tea looks and sounds amazing! Hope you enjoyed every last drop.

  6. Beautiful post and shots to go along with it.
    Dang if I don't have a French press!!! :-/ Because that vanilla chai tea sounds delicious!

  7. This sounds quite delicious - I love Tazo teas! So Delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


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