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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Monday, July 15, 2013

I feel Pretty Today :D, More Gratitude!

Hello Beautiful People....

I had a wonderful opportunity to go out ''shaaapping'' ( hear the operatic singing??) today! yeahaw! lolol.....been a while! [can you tell?] And I picked up basic necessities, some kim chee veggies, and a few extras.....and those ''extras'' are why I feel pretty today. It is truly nothing special, but you know, when its been A WHILE since you could go out and purchase ANYTHING,  whatever you get feels awful special! Well today I did that and I felt so pretty because I [didn't even wash them first!] but put them on right after I got home and showered, and put the flowers in vases, then all the food stuff, so today was another good day! Tomorrow I begin sewing some pants, as I picked up the elastic I will need for a skirt [inspired from today!] and the drawstrings for the drawstring pants....sooooooo....will be on the machine a few days....but here are a few pics.....wish I took those beautiful kinds of pics that so many on bloggyland do, but I just don't have the inclination to get into it.....I feel so lucky to just be able to take pics and upload them so easily in the first place! That alone for me is a miracle! and still alot of fun.

As ''fate'' would have it, whenever I want hydrangeas for fresh cut flowers I can never find them locally. And today after I paid for my things at the register I walked to the exit but the one closet to me was a one way in and I had to go around an entire display to the end of the next register to walk out the one door for exit, and on the way out, there they have the ''subliminals''.....which are those items put by the registers for spontaneous buying, so rigged it all is, and sometimes it works! Well, they had fresh flowers, beautiful huge white hydrangeas and blue ones too! and they had roses, and I was a bit shocked at how nice they were, but I didn't want to spend $20. on it so painfully left it there. I did my other shopping and I was feeling good about getting all those little things off my shopping list, I began to appreciate those hydrangeas more and more, especially if they dried while in the vase which they can do sometimes, so I decided to be a lush and go back and get fate would have it. So putting these beauties into their vases were the first thing I did when I got home, and took some pics.......they are so gorgeous, these pics do not do them justice.

 I didn't even stop there, lolol, while I was at Doris' The Italian Market, I picked up some pretty pink mini carnations....what a lovely simple thing, and they look so pretty with the hydrangeas!

These are for my them.

 my Kim Chee ingredients which I will make in a day or so, this is amazing stuff, so healthy. Its a fermented vegetable that is good for positive intestinal flora, and my recipe is divine, been making it for a few years now and never run out, and I need to make a batch now and will post the recipe and how its delish with every meal as they have it in Korea, and other Asian countries, but it is really really yummy!

and my ''extras''.....the pretties..... from TJ Maxx......a pair of pants with a bandeau waist, so comfy love those, and a Ralph Lauren sweet cotton floral nighty and a beautiful lacy robe.


 These pants are amazing comfy, elegant and soft and I have to go back and get the white ones!!


 My market baskets today. I think they are so pretty, and whenever I shop with them, the ladies at the registers all know me and always tell me how pretty it is and how they love to see it, so Euro just like Italy and France they say........I love them and never use anything else.

pretty things.........and

abundant beauty.....what more can I ask for?

well I can actually think of a few things, lolol, but for now, I'm ok.
Will post on the pants when they are done and the Kim Chee recipe and how its made.....
thanks for being here! love you all!

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  1. Hello, "pretty Lady"! I´m glad to see you´re so cheerful today, and you do have reasons for it... It´s always heartwarming when we have the opportunity to give ourselves these kind of little gifts for the Soul! I love your new clothes -especially the lace robe- and the fresh flowers are simply beautiful (hydrangeas are one of my biggest favorites too... what a coincidence, isn´t it? ;-) Looking forward to see your sewing projects, maybe you can inspire me -once again!- to start with my own...
    A million blessings,

    1. Hi there! yes gifts for the soul, I am so happy when I can get those either by making them or buying them. Coincidence with the hydrangeas? not so much anymore lolol.
      Am starting my sewing projects today, I decided to do repairs on all my other pants first, otherwise I'd never wear them again with the new ones, but now they're fixed and I can begin sewing.
      I DO hope I can inspire you, there is nothing so wonderful as finding it somewhere, yes? I know how it feels when I feel lost and then I see something on bloggyland and get excited and my whole world is right side up again! I will try for you, ok?

  2. Well hello, you beautiful person, you!!!! :)))
    The joy is jumping through the happy for you! What LOVELIES you have found at T.J.'s....I can never leave that store empty-handed...
    The lace robe...and the RL nightie....GORGEOUS!!! And the waist on those pants...super comfy...I like the color too...

    Now to those stunning hydrangeas....they are so special on their own...but the touch of pink is soooo pretty!
    And kimchi....
    Your European baskets are dreamy...
    ENJOY!!!! :)))))
    Love and bubblies, dearest Lady....
    - Irina

    1. Hi there! :D
      Yes, it was such a good day! it will linger for a while, I'm still wearing my ''extras'' LOL and haven't even begun yet to make those other linen drawstring ones, but I'm about to start any minute. I had decided to do the repairs on all my other pants first!, and disciplined myself that way, I just finished the last one and now can begin making new ones.
      I went back and got the white in those pants, last one! and NOT where I had left them on a rack but stuck somewhere in the middle of the pants aile! that was a close call! I was NOT leaving the store without them!
      Hydrangeas, love yes, sigh....and Kim Chee coming up soon.
      thanks for visiting and leaving your effervescence.

  3. What a delightful post. Full of pretty things, and happy shopping, and even, some lovely splurging. Not really splurging. Just doing something lovely, for yourself...... The flowers....

    Beautiful clothes. Simply beautiful....


    1. yes, Aunties, it was all so lovely, and I STILL feel lovely LOLOL....
      thank for visiting again.

  4. You left such a wonderful message for me today! Thanks so much! I'm glad you stop by now and then. You got some lovely lacy lovelies! And I'm so glad you went back for the gorgeous flowers.

    1. oh I ALWAYS stop by, :D, I just don't always leave a comment...sometimes appreciation has no words, its all in my heart, breathless and ineffable. I love your blog and pictures, they set me right sometimes when I'm off and need to be reminded of what Grace and Elegance is like again.....what ''Comfort'' and ''Soul Things'' look and feel like. You sure do know comfort! I thank YOU!
      Yes, I too am VERY glad I went back for those flowers, they amaze me every time I look at them which is quite a few times in the day!
      blessings, lady

  5. As always, such pretty pictures! I love your lacey robe, so beautiful. Great finds at TJ Maxx! Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Kim, I'm loving my lacy robe more now that I can feel how soft it is and how it goes so well over everything I have LOL! thank you for visiting....and you too have a lovely week!

  6. You had quite a shopping spree, Lady. Everything is just lovely and I don't blame you for buying the flowers, some days you just need to have their beautiful simplicity. Thanks for the sweet comments you left about my lavender. I'm rediscovering how much I love it and plan to use more in the future. Love all your pretties from TJ Max too!

    1. Yes, lol, a bit of a spree, and I loved every minute of it....took 5 hours to spree too! day, good to go to bed at night in a RL nightie, lace and hydrangeas taking up lovely space, lots of foods and abundance. Thanks for visiting!

  7. I love your flowers, clothes, and market baskets! All so very pretty! Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments!

  8. Your hydrangeas are so beautiful!!! These must make you smile every time you look at them! I love how you arranged them with the pink carnation---so pretty Lady!
    I love that you found those linen pants too. I got a pair of the white and the grey (they didn't have the taupe in my size). Aren't they wonderful? I love the lacy top you found too and the sweet nightie. You and I must be on the same line of thinking because I bought a pair of pjs that day too :)
    The market baskets are lovely!
    sending hugs...

    1. Hi June! :D they do make me smile, glad I went back for them. I can't believe you got the same pants and in white too! I went back for the white...... almost didn't find them phew! scarey moment, but I hunted the store and found the last one. They are sooo comfy! And the pj nightie, I NEVER buy sleepwear because I like to wear simple cotton clothes so that when I wake up in the morning I can bolt out my door and outside, no patience to dress I wear lightwear clothes, but that Ralph Lauren nighty was far too sweet and I wear it with the soft lacy robe.....lovin it.
      warmly, lady

  9. My Dear your posts are so full of happiness and joy - love the Hydrangeas they look marvelous in the silver pitcher. Great find! Love your clothes finds - love anything feminine - I was familiar with Kimchee knowing a Korean family quite a while back - didn't know it was so beneficial for health. I am delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


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