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"Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to the Fairy Cafe and Gardens !

"Riders of the Sidhe"  by John Duncan 1911
Greetings and Blessings of Anam Cara to All....

I was inspired to do this blog at the behest of some friends who insisted I could no longer withhold my Magic to myself ! And so in lieu of opening a shop in some commercial venture or for lack of other means of expression outside of my little Hobbit Fairy Home, for the meanwhile, I have decided to spend my time being inspired and creating from my Imagination and thoroughly enjoying the Beauty that lives within my Soul, that which my Soul brings forth......... and sharing it with you all here in this inorganic space.
I am devoted to Beauty. And for me, this begins with all things of Nature. WE ourselves are products of Nature and of the Heavens as Stardust. 

I live for Beauty, for Beauty is the Face of God. And when something is beautiful, especially if I had a hand in creating it, placing it, or simply admiring it.....I feel I am One with God/dess.

I have a Celtic Soul, meaning I feel I was born in the times of The Ancient Ones who were One with Nature, The Tuatha De Danann, The Beautiful People. These were the Ancient Shining Ones, who came from the Sky, and who lived on this beauteous Earth, as the Royal Ones of the Elemental Essence.
We have returned.
We, were/are a people who excelled in all crafts, being master's of all ventures embarked upon. Being both an artistically and agrarian people, excellence is our trademark, and Beauty the result. We are natural at it, needing no training. Anything we decide to take up, results in a thing of Beauty. I myself, have had no training in anything, but with my intention alone, and an uncompromising sense of perfection, have become ''talented'' in some of the arts, namely gardening, floral design, clothing design, jewelry making, cooking, raw food creations, home decor and design, creating sanctuary and magical spaces. I have yet more talents to discover.
But Alas, I am no longer the truest essence of what we once were of those Magical Beings but have become mortal and very human, and so in my mortality, there is a loss of the magnanimosity of those Beings. Those of us with Faerie blood follow music only we can hear. Yet I have retained memories and some small talents, which beg to be released from their ancient legends and to come to life once again! And so I will venture deep into the cauldron of my soul to rebirth the Great Beauty of the Ancients !
I will use this space to share my memories, creations, inspirations, dreams...... and play from the imagination where Goddess dwells and post pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Welcome to my Glade ! 

She who walks in two worlds.
The Lady of the Woods


  1. beautiful our world so nee`s more of these earthly and peaceful places full of love and light cath xx

  2. I love what you are creating... absolutely beautiful. I have had similar ideas for my own life. What is life without magic? I feel inspired also as I have let the burdens of life creep over my dreams of living in a world of magic and fantasy. It is a burden that I fight to keep at bay but now .. I have a renewed energy to push through this wall of deceit ... knowing that what awaits me is a magical kingdom.

    Thank you for the inspiration.. my friend and kin

  3. Honoring you with joy and remembrance my magical friend! Yes, I am inspired and thrilled to hear about your intentions and manifestations. I am with you is spirit as it appears my magical space may end up being in Panama. I do desire to keep in touch so we can share inspiration, ideas and remembrances.
    Incredible Love & DeLight Sister ~ Michelle

  4. Bless your beautiful heart!!! I like your world better than the one you are leaving! I am seriously considering jumping ship as well!

  5. Hi

    would like you to see the works of a kindred spirit,
    Artworks of a very special kind!


  6. OMG. I recognise all you say here.

    I am from Ireland and those of the Sidhe are not really Celtic. That Celtic label was attached in patriarchal his story. The Celts came from outsie the land of Danu and are not the Shining ones at all. The Shining Ones taught the Druids the skills in the hope that the way of love would be passed on from one generation to the next.

  7. What a beautiful creation, Sister.I feel so blessed to have come across your inspiring world. Thank you for sharing your dream - it has fuelled the small spark I have had inside me for so long, but did not know how to bring into flame. Many blessings to you! (presently known as)Ange

  8. So you've arrived. What kept you?

    David of Oz

  9. ag_prieto@yahoo.comMay 2, 2011 at 2:57 AM

    we were the DEITIES , sixteen celestial degrees complete , in the arts, the farms, literature, we live only in our connection to the Divine Light

    we are disconnecting to the dark and grim world that keeps on disintegrating
    there is no place for us here, in the turgid and gross,
    we are creating the magical spaces of Light

  10. Agni, how beautifully said. Yes, we live only in our connection to the Divine Light.
    Yes, we are creating the magical space of Light.
    And so it is.


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